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Can anyone identify this Gretsch Model?


I am no guitar noob but am very much new to Gretsch guitars. I was at this concert back in 2009 and the tone from this Gretsch blew me away. It has eaten at me for years that i didnt know which model this was nor did Jimmy ever play a Gretsch live again that i could find. I tried to compatre knobs, f-holes, headstock, pickguard, etc., but i could enver discern exactly which model this is. any help?


That looks a lot like a G6119-1962FT Tennessee Rose. Different colour than stock model, though. But: Thinner body, painted f-holes, control layout...


Sascha nailed it. That's exactly what it is. Either a custom order (which I don't think they typically do) or, more likely an FSR (factory special run), where I think the minimum is 25. So, there may be others out there.


Awesome guys, thank you! the lights in the video make it look blue but it is actually the color above. There are some other videos out of there of this show where you can tell the true color. Again thanks guys!!

at 31 seconds you get a great shot of it

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