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bridge volume control issue


I brought this up in another topic, but I figured I post it here as well.

I noticed that my Gretsch guitars with the standard volume pot wiring cut out when the bridge pickup volume control is turned all the way up. When you back it off there's a sweet spot. This only happens when the pickup selector is set to the middle position (both pickups on). The master volume and the neck pickup volume both work as normal and the bridge pickup volume control works as normal when the pickup selector is set to bridge pickup only.

Why does this happen?

Here's a video link. The difference in sound is hugely apparent.


Hey Rcr, I have had the same revelation as have others here. We call it the Sweet Spot just like you referred. I just have to think it's part of the personality of Gretsch Guitars. I even came to the conclusion that it sounds better to turn the tone controls to about the same level. I'm surprised to see it do it on your Falcon with the P90 in it. I thought it always had something to do with the marriage of pots and pickups. Great conversation to bring up again.

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