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Bridge for a 89 Country Gent ?


hi folks! i´d like to ask for help to replace or improve the bridge i have in my 89 Country Classic I. it was replaced for a new one some years ago before i bought it (added in pictures) and apart from that it moves easily cause its not pinned....what is a pain carrying it for gigs..

someone could give me some light about improving it? just pinning it or a rocking bar or any other bridge recommended?

nothing to say about tone or intonation is really fine...sound of these ceramic pups is amazing!



Double sided tape under the bridge will hold it in place, and you won't need to change a thing.


Violin bow rosin will also keep the bridge base in place. And FWIW, while it may not be original (as per your post), I believe that is the period correct, stock bridge for that model.

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