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Brand new Gretsch owner


I'm an acoustic guy, but I've always loved the look of a big Gretsch hollow body, and yesterday I was able to pick up a Gretsch 2420. I need a case. Any suggestions for one that will work, other than a Gretsch case?


Congrats! Order a TKL. They make them for Gretsch, but have a less expensive line than what comes with a pro-line Gretsch. They will have one that fits your guitar properly.


Here she is.

– Brickman

Where's the pic (one per post) or a link?


Well I thought that I successfully posted a picture, i guess not. I'll post a pic soon as I figure out how.


If the pic is in your computer, just click on the yellow camera above the posting window.


First, congrats on your 2420. Regarding a case, I would check out site sponsor Black Rider. They carry the OEM Gretsch cases but also have really nice generic hard shell cases that are very nice and much more reasonably priced.

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