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Boxcar roundneck


Does a boxcar roundneck handle open E tuning ? Was wondering if it is too much tension on the neck Cheers,


It would depend on the gauge of strings but I very much doubt you would harm the guitar.


I’ve got 12 to 53 on at the moment. Was told by a tech heavier gauge would be ok but I might need to adjust truss rod


I had mine turned to E for a while. It was fine. Had to adjust the truss rod when I brought it back to standard tuning. I use 11's.


Welcome aboard, I've got an Alligator tuned to G strung with 12's no problems.


Cheers, glad to be aboard . I really don’t want to be adjusting truss rods . It’s in g at the minute which I love . Have had in d which is great also .

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