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Oh boy, a solution for another non-existent problem?


Just give it to me and let me play it for a year. That'll break it in nice. Or really, give it to any working musician... Or you could just play the damn thing and stop looking for snake oil bullshit like this.


PT Barnum is alive and well, it seems.


If you want to season your guitar, 'play it in' as it were, then stand your guitar in the stand you already own in front of a speaker and play music of your choice when you're out of the house or all the time if you have an out of the way place to set things up. The acoustic guitar's top will vibrate to the music and help the guitar 'open up'. Simple.....and won't cost you $120!


So, there's a $15 stand, and a $5 wall wart and a small vibrator motor somewhere in the stand. With bulk purchasing he may get his costs down to under $20. Even if you buy into the vibration thing this seems like so much hokum. Yeah, he doesn't need my money.


I dunno, this seemed to have a pretty big following at one point:


Anyone thought about hooking up a tens unit to a guitar?


Awhile back I reported an experiment I did at Blue Dog guitars. It's a fabulous boutique acoustic guitar shop in North Vancouver. While I played a guitar, Jan stood 3 or 4 others in front of me in their stands and would touch the tops to see which ones were vibrating the most. In almost every case, the guitars that were 'seasoned' by their luthiers vibrated much more than those that weren't.....and they played beautifully too - they didn't feel tight like new guitars usually do.

The 'problem' truly exists with new acoustics but this stand solution sounds bogus to me too.


I don't know about the stand but the ToneRite tool does work mostly as advertised. Does make an annoying low level noise in some cases.


I know a luthier who puts guitars on a big speaker and plays Beethoven at it for days, weeks or months. He swears it works the best with Beethoven.


I just bought 4.

– Strummerson

In that case, I've got some mountain slope real estate here in BC you might want to buy and turn it into another Whistler Ski Resort


I just bought my 5th. And I only have two guitars here and one in the US.


I've owned dozens and dozens of acoustic instruments of all shapes and sizes and ages - brand new to hundreds of years old. I don't think age is a huge factor in how an instrument sounds if properly maintained. Sure, new instruments settle in a bit because glue cures and finishes cure past when you buy them brand new. And playing an instrument wears it in a bit. Softens some bits. Takes the hard edges off. But old doesn't equal better sound. And subjecting an instrument to sonic vibrations doesn't make them sound better, imo. http://blogs.discovermagazi... If a Strad and a brand new instrument can't be distinguished by ear, the age and vibration argument seems a bit hard to swallow.


Interestingly enough, T.V. Jones shakes or vibrates his guitars for a few days after manufacture.


Looking deeper into these, they were $150 a few years ago, so, at $120, it's a bargain. I'd have to ask a lot of questions and see one in person before I'd drop that kind of money---even if it did work---and then, it'd be easier and cheaper to build one yourself.

When you use a speaker, you're playing all frequencies---a wide range of sounds and varying levels. This thing sounds like it's just one frequency and a set level. Bogus.


OH Good Grief! Another guitar vibrator, to "break in the body's wood for ultimate tone."



Make use of what you have "inhouse". It will eat batteries but borrow your wifes or girlfriends "next best friend" and stick it in there. You get a lot of batteries for 120 bucks.


The jokes make themselves with products like this.

What's next? Magnetised beta wave capos?


The jokes make themselves with products like this.

What's next? Magnetised beta wave capos?

– Ger (aka Ratrod)

You just gave me a great idea!!!!

Tube slides made from spent cesium/rhodium alloy, which have been bombarded by gamma radiation and ultraviolet photons, so as to correctly align the molecules in a trapezoidial pattern for maximum mojo tonality!

Even better, a slide made of mercury, encased in a pliable polymer coating, so that it conforms to the shape of your finger!


If I ever come with an idea that turns into a real business and real $$$, I won't worry too much about getting slammed. This product does nothing for me, and I won't buy one, but heck, gotta' try.

Addendum: I bought and tried the Banjo Minnow set!



I'm just happy that this thread title was not chosen to be the name of the product in question.......


TV Jones has a machine that does that. He swears by it. I think one tour does the same thing and then some.

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