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Binding in yur F hole


Has anyone ever taken a guitar in to get the F Holes bound? Would the work require a respray of the poly? How much do you think this would cost?


Never done it but considered how to do it to my 5125. It's not such an easy thing, because of spillover of the glues used. This will make a mess on the top, requiring at very least sanding and re-buffing, and it's not so easy to get a factory gloss.

Then there are the issues of colour match with the binding itself, and getting the binding joins clean and tight.

Some people here seem to have used things like pinstriping tape to create a bound appearance, or simply painted the edge of the hole. With either of those approaches, the cost and time required are minimal; you could easily do either one in an evening without any special equipment.

HTH -pk


It's really easy to do and the materials cost about $10.00 to do it right.


But Curt, is it that easy for someone to do with out any previous binding experience? Could you elaborate on what's involved? I'd be concerned with adhesive eating into the existing finish myself.


I was thinking about doing it to this guitar. I have been admiring the 6120-1960's and I realized that not only willI never be able to afford one, I also basically have one ...without the beautiful orange and the F hole binding.

I have seen some very well done faux binding here especially on the black 5120's. But this guitar is a beautiful pro series and I don't want to get a paint stick anywhere near it. It would have to be real binding or nothing.

Am I crazy or do you think this guitar would look really good with binding?


I think it is lovely without it. I love stripped down looking stuff, no fu fu.... and that my friend is lovely.

No pickguard..> NICE!!! no Binding.....> NICE!!

Frankly if you took the knobs off like a HOT ROD .... EVEN NICER!!!!

But thats me. Don't ruin this guitar.

Either buy a 5120 and give it a shot or start a collection jar and wait on an Orange betty to come your way. The wait will be worth it.

All just my opinion...... please send Hate mail to me at www.don'


I must be juvenile today but the name of this thread made me laugh out loud.


I don't binding would look that great on that one, because the neck is unbound. I would leave it as-is.


Well at least he didn't say he wanted his f hole bleached!!

I was thinking about doing it to this guitar.

I personally wouldn't do it without also binding the fingerboard and headstock; it looks like your guitar has neither. This is much more complex than binding the F-holes, and it will not result in any increase in value.

Yes, I'm saying that I wouldn't do it, instead find the guitar you really want.

One other thing: it seems to me, though at the moment I'm not in a position to measure this, that the ultimate size of the F-hole aperture is the same on bound and unbound models (though some periods seem to have larger F-holes). This means that the actual size of the cut in the top is larger on the bound models, so that the thickness of the binding reduces the F-hole aperture to the final size. If true, simply binding the F-holes on this guitar will not result in an identical look.

Finally I'll go back to the value-add point: it won't.

HTH -pk

jameslynch said:

I must be juvenile today but the name of this thread made me laugh out loud.

You're not the only one with your mind in the gutter. But it didn't make me laugh. It made me a little nervous.


Mainsoda is pretty handy! He did a great job with the drumwrap silver-sparkle re-facing job that he did on his 5120.

I bet he could handle the $10, if he had a little guidance.


I bound my F-holes and headstock myself with a DecoColor paint marker from a Michael's crafts store.

mainsoda said: Am I crazy or do you think this guitar would look really good with binding?
you're crazy

I would only do f-hole binding if I was to do headstock and neck also.

Is it that much harder to do all three?

Mainsoda, I think I prefer my SP plain, but all three bound in vintage white could be way cool.


I vote not to bind those holes! Take a good look at that picture, the woodgrain underneath the red is fantastic, let that be the star of the show (along with your playing of course)!


The 6120-1960 just looks so sweet it must have temporarily clouded my judgment. I blame KCEddie and his book!

You guys make some great points. I hadn't thought about the unbound neck and headstock. I wouldn't want to put binding on those. What I have now does go well with the unbound F holes. Or the actual small size of the holes themselves. I do think the bound F holes are bigger to start. Mine indeed might look very weird with the binding.

I'm off the ledge, thanks for your wise counsel everyone.


Redrocker, I think bindin f-hole must be far easier than the neck or headstock since there is no need to route anything for the binding.

I just ordered some binding material to bind my 5128. Hopefully it'll turn out well.


Personally I think that guitar looks great as is. Just look at that woodgrain, that needs no binding.


mainsoda- tell me what you think-real binding or faux???

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