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Best way to remove a sticker from a modern Gretsch?


I bought a 2004 White Falcon that has a pinup sticker on the front. Probably not my thing. What’s the best way to remove the sticker? I assume there will be a color difference for some time, but that’s ok.


Assuming it’s a polyEster finish, carefully use a hairdryer and a plastic razor blade. Keep one hand on the guitar so you can keep tabs on the temp. If you don’t have any plastic razor blades around use a thin piece of wood.


I use masking tape to remove any residual adhesive from stickers once peeled off.


Complete immersion in a vat of boiling acetone


Hotel keycards are very handy for this kind of thing. Thinner and more pliable than a credit card. Curt, I’m not familiar with plastic razor blades.


Deed, I just googled it as it sounded strange to me, too and apparently, they're a thing :


Complete immersion in a vat of boiling acetone

– Toxophilite

First laugh of the day!

But seriously, you don't want to do this.

Is the sticker vinyl/plastic or a decal? The vinyl/plastic type can usually be peeled off. Water transfer decal may take a little more work but the plastic razor blade will probably work best.


Depending on the sticker type, a little bit of WD40 and finger nails.


Use some Naphtha after you peel off the sticker to remove the glue residue. It will Not harm your finish. You can use Naphtha on nitro/lacquer. Just use some guitar polish after you get the sticker off when you've finished with the naphtha.


If it is stubborn, yeah, go with Naphtha. I had to remove a sticker INSIDE a guitar. Couldn't have done it without Naphtha (and a load of elbow grease).


Thanks for all the tips. Guitar arrives tomorrow. Pic now included.


Pic NOW included.


If it's a sticker, naphtha should do it. But if it's more of a decal type thing, then the plastic razor seems like a great idea. And count me among those who never heard of them until today.

If you go the boiling acetone route, bear in mind that it evaporates very quickly when boiling (or not boiling, for that matter). Consequently, you're going to want an industrial sized pressure cooker big enough to hold the entire guitar. A 600,000 BTU, give or take, burner will make the job easier. And wear goggles.


I was going to say Pledge.


Red razor blades: now there’s a product that makes sense. I always thought the red surgeons’ gowns and caps in the Star Trek franchises were a stroke of genius as well.


Let's see the sticker and take a vote!


It's not coming after all. Appears it was stolen and CME stopped delivery.


It's not coming after all. Appears it was stolen and CME stopped delivery.


It's not coming after all. Appears it was stolen and CME stopped delivery.

– DavidE

What! NOOOOO! Say it ain't so.


Hopefully you're not out any money, and someone can get his guitar back.

I'm still trying to figure out why someone would put a 50 cent sticker on a $2000+ guitar. YMMV.


Yes, the original owner is getting his guitar back. There was a second sticker on the back of the guitar.

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