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Beautiful guitar! I got to hold one in Joe Carducci's office during a visit.


The Gallup is a great guitar. Congrats to the new guitar and a lovely wife! I own mine since quite some time, couldn't get used to the fixed arm Bigsby, I changed it to a Gretsch Bigsby B3 V-cut. I do like the Al bridge, I tried a few others and ended up staying with the original bridge. The g string nut is for a wound g, but I use the unwound version. I used bass rosin to hold the un-pinned bridge in place, works like a charm.


Thanks for your feedback 6120GB! Other than possibly switching out the fixed Bigsby fixed arm, I love this guitar as is.

I do have one question for you since you have owned a Cliff Gallup Duo Jet for a while: what brand of .11 flatwounds came with the guitar? I would like to get some extra sets of the exact same strings with the wound G.


I agree with you, I wouldn't change any other thing on the Cliff Gallup. I love the Dynasonics and I think that Aluminum bridge is great. But again that fixed arm just got in my way for the way I play. I am pretty sure the stock strings were D'Addario's. They were 11-54. I use Pyramids "Nickel Classic", 11-48 with plain G. Since I also play slide on it, I like the plain G.

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