Modern Gretsch Guitars

Any thoughts on the 5135CVT?


Not at all, TP! I know exactly what he meant.

I am also not an IP guy, but I believe that you are correct about the ability to lose what is not used. The general gist of the story that I heard (it could have been apochryphal) was that there was an interruption in the use of the name, accompanied by a failure to adequately act to protect it as a Gretsch name once its use was resumed, but, in the meantime, as you correctly state, Warwick started using the name and perfected its interest in the name. And then told Gretsch that they had been untimely and that Warwick would not allow Gretsch to continue to use the name.

Something like that.

– Ric12string

See, I knew a lawyer would chime in!


It's a disease, Doc. Can't you cure it?


My first Gretsch guitar was a Corvette. I'm not sure about the new ones but the neck on my 1968 is awesome. It feels like a Gibson 50s profile neck. The HiLotron pickups are the clearest and cleanest sounding pickups I've ever used. They faithfully reproduce the sound of the guitar and they let the amp dial in whatever personality you want to achieve from it.

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