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Any ideas on value?


Hard times are a knockin' at the door. May have to sell my PreFMIC (1993) 6120 (birdseye maple) with TV Jones Classic in bridge and Tru-Arc Copper. Neck is Ceramic filter.

Question is tho that guitars really seem to be in a rut at the moment value wise and I'm pretty damn sure I'll lose money on it - but how much? Can anyone give me a rough price on what these have been going for in OZ so I know if it's better to keep or sell? :(


I feel for you. I've got several guitar laying around that I've been wanting to sell since the US economy took a dive. I feel fortunate that I haven't wound up in a situation where I really needed the buck$ and felt that I had to sell quick.

Hope that your sale goes better than you are anticipating.

Good luck.


Rom the prices being asked on eBay you would think the sellers don't have a clue as to the real world. I don't know if they get those prices but many don't have anyone bidding.


eBay is the best way to gauge the value of your instrument and price it accordingly IMHO. Search for your guitar in "completed listings" and pay attention to the ones that sold. That should be a fairly accurate gauge as to value in the current market.


I've been trying to get on Ebay but my computer is down to dial-up speed until I can pay my bill, and it can't cope with Ebay. :(


Don't have to put your guitar on eBay;all you need it for is comparables.If knowing USA retail comparables is useful,try


Had a friend look up Ebay completed listings... yeah, about $1k under what I paid. Can't take that kind of a hit just now, will have to find another way :(

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