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Any difference in Masterbuilt guitars over time?


I have a couple Stern Jets I'm ga-ga over. I've always been intrigued by the Stern hollowbodies, but they're so expensive I've always passed. Now have a lead on a used 2007 6120, but I've never played any Masterbuilt stuff that old. Is it as good as the later stuff?


Seems like all this Stern stuff is big bucks. But clearly there is a market for it, and some would prefer a new Stern over a pristine vintage piece. But the competition is stiff, and they are always looking for ways to cut costs.


It seems by 2007 the Gretsch Custom Shop was in full swing and Stephen Stern was already building guitars for years so I don't see why or how they would be worse. Who knows, they may be better.


Now have a lead on a used 2007 6120

If it's one of the '55 re-issues or built like one of the '55 CS re-issues, you'll be getting something almost as good as the best of vintage. If it's by mail, get a 100% refund policy to be safe. The CS '55's are amazing.

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