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Any 6120 History Buffs Out There?


I've wanted a 6120 forever and just bought one at a decent price. It's a 1994 blueburst with gold hardware/pickguard. All the label tells me is it's a 6120 made in 1994. Fender and online searches tell me it's from the Terada factory. BUT...what the heck is it? There is no model prefix or suffix on the label...only 6120. Gretsch/Fender tells me it's a Nashville but they have no specifics as Fender didn't own Gretsch back then. The pickguard is plain gold color with on the Gretsch logo and no "Nashville" or "Chet Atkins" or the like. Everything I find online has a prefix or suffix, plus a Nashville has the two switches at the top left. This has only one switch at the top left and 4 knobs. Can anyone tell me what on Earth this is besides a 1994 6120?


If it's a blue one this site lists it indeed as a blue sunburst


I have a early 92 terada 6119 tennessee rose and it also lists just as 6119 on the label


Mine is a '98 Blue Burst, and has the same control arrangement as yours. It stayed the same until Fender took over production and reverted to it having a mud switch instead of tone control knob. Mine also has no other designation other than 6120. It has BS following the S/N.

The other change Fender made was the headstock shape. It was returned to the original shape and wiring/pups were improved as well.

This model was Gretsch's interpretation of the 6120 once the company went back into production in the late '80's and lasted till '03. Information you're seeing is for models post '03 I expect.


WElcome to all things Gretsch! Oh, BTW Newbie, Fender doesn't own Gretsch. They handle the manufacturing aspect of the company on behalf of Gretsch. When they took on this arrangement in '03 they made some manufacturing changes which included shape changes to be true to the originals and electronic changes to improve the pups and wiring harnesses. They reverted to a mud switch as well. As I'm not a fan of the mud switch I got a pre-FMIC model.


There's a certain guy on this site who knows a thing or two about 6120s. You might say he wrote the book about them.

He also likes blue guitars (as do I. )

Congrats on the new beauty and welcome to the GDP.


Here are some pics.


And here's what Fender could tell me. *Thanks for reaching out. This guitar pre-dates fender's involvement with Gretsch, which began in 2004, so while I can't give you any specific history on it, I did go into the archive and found that Gretsch did in fact make a blue sunburst G6120 with gold hardware and a single toggle switch. The serial number is the correct format and everything looks good here. I'l add a spec sheet for you.

Model Name: Nashville G6120, G6120B, G6120BS, G6120TM Model Number: 240-1201-(Color#) Category: Hollow Body Guitars Series: Professional Series Body Style: Single Cutaway Scale Length: 24.6" Top: Arched Laminated Maple Bracing: N/A Back: Laminated Maple Body, 16" Wide, 2.75" Deep Neck: 3-Piece Maple Width at Nut: 1-11/16" (43mm) Fretboard: Ebony Stained Rosewood No. Of Frets: 22 Bridge: Ebony Based Original Roller-Bridge Hardware: Gold-Plated Machine Heads: Deluxe Gold-Plated Die-cast Tuners Pickups: 2 FilterTronTM Pickups Pickup Switching: 3-Position Toggle: Position 1. Bridge Pickup Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups Position 3. Neck Pickup Controls: Volume 1. (Neck Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Master Volume, Master Tone Finish: Gloss Urethane Colors: (806) Black, (G6120B) (812) Orange Stain, (G6120), (827) Blue Sunburst, (G6120BS), (850) Tiger Maple, (G6120TM), (Polyurethane Finish) Unique Features: Block Pearloid Inlay Position Markers, Curly Maple Headstock Overlay, Horseshoe Headstock Inlay, Bound Fingerboard, Multiple Body Bindings, Oversized F-Holes, Gold Plexi Pickguard, Straplocks, Adjustable Truss Rod Case: Includes G6241 Deluxe Hardshell Case, US MSRP $220.00 U.S. MSRP: (812) Orange, (G6120), $2,825.00, (806) Black, (G6120B), $2,825.00, (827) Blue Sunburst, (G6120BS), $2,775.00, (850) Tiger Maple, (G6120TM), $3,125.00 Options: Strings: Source: Japan Notice: Introduced: Discontinued: 6/2003*

And when I replied asking why no prefix/suffix and what model it might be, this was their reply. No, I have no idea why. As I said, it was before the time fender took opver the Gretsch line, Still a Nashville though.


I know this model was not discontinued in 2003. They changed it as I described and was available new until into the 20-teens. I chose not to get a new one with the mud switch a number of years back preferring a pre -FMIC model without it.


Welcome. Nice guitar. Please enter it in the registry. Thanks


See...they all have prefixes and suffixes. Why is mine just a 6120? I'm assuming it's not a knock off but these days you never know.


I doubt yours is a knock-off as it isn't of enough importance of a model to want to fake. Additional designation or not, the label says it's a 6120, and it's the correct label, and it's blue so it's the B(lue) S(unburst) model....end of story. Play it and enjoy yourself!


Thank you. It's so beautiful and already special to me. I melt when I pick it up. I love the color and the pictures I posted are spot on. It's the most perfect blue and gold. I just want to learn as much about it as I can. It's one of those guitars you buy and think it will turn you into a virtuoso only to remind you otherwise.


Glad you love it! What style music do you play and what amp do you play through?


I primarily play country and rock. I have a little 5 watt Fender Champ XD semi-tube amp with lots of modelling (which I don't really like as I have my own pedal board) and I picked up a Fender Hot Rod Deville 60 watter from a local Pawn shop for as song since they couldn't sell for whatever reason. They said nobody was buying large amps and stacks. They had a SWEET Marshall stack, but that was too much. Would love a Fender Bassman head but I haven't found one locally at a decent price.


Maybe they didn't put "6120BS" on the label to avoid it being confused with a Brian Setzer model? Putting BS on the label doesn't sound good anyway!


I don't know if it's just the picture you posted but your bridge looks like it's way too close to the bigsby to intonate properly. It should be roughly between the points of the F-holes. Much closer to the bridge pickup. Thought you might want to know. Cool guitar!


Correct. I took the picture right after it arrived and I opened the case. The bridge is now seated up near the bridge pickup and intonated perfectly. Great catch though.


Hello newbie... welcome to the GDP. You'll probably have to change your user name in a few months when you've subsequently acquired 2 or 3 more Gretsch guitars, and are contributing regularly to the forum!

For starters... stop trying to get information about your guitar from Fender. Your guitar was made long before Fender was involved with the Gretsch brand. They tend to try and help but often provide inaccurate information in the process.

I too own a "blue burst" 6120, but mine was made in 1995, and is depicted on page 167 of the 6120 book mentioned above. It shares the same feature as yours relative to the label and model indicator... just "6120".

Enjoy your guitar... these blue one's are so cool!!


Newbie -- Welcome!!

  1. Pay attention to the guidance from kc_eddie_b. He's the guy who wrote the book cited above.

  2. Purchase said book. Besides being a GREAT resource, it is a FUN read. This is coming from one who rarely reads non-fiction. My definition for great literature is that someone must die of very unnatural causes in the first chapter. But I'm here to tell you that I have read Ed's book 4 times.............


Thanks to everyone for helping and sharing your knowledge. I truly appreciate it and can't wait to learn as much as I can as I grow with my new guitar. This is a great resource. I hope to learn more so I might be able to help another newbie someday. Thanks again!


I don't know if it's just the picture you posted but your bridge looks like it's way too close to the bigsby to intonate properly. It should be roughly between the points of the F-holes. Much closer to the bridge pickup. Thought you might want to know. Cool guitar!

– Toxophilite

Good eye!! I also just bought a Gretsch. It arrived on what was essentially a 20-hour work day, I was tired and could not figure out why I couldn't get the tuning right. Next day, rested, I figured it out and was mighty glad I had learned how to intonate a guitar in the past year! The bridge arrived just like the beautiful blue burst in this thread.

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