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I got a new catalog in the mail today for American Music Supply - don;t know how I got on their mailing list. Thjere is not a single proline Gretsch in the thing. It got three Electromatics and that's all. Every kind of LP, Tele and Strat, but nothing that starts with a "6". Amazing.


Last I checked, they have proline Gretschs on their site.


I got a catalog from GC and not one single Gretsch. I know they carry Gretsch, but why not put them in the catalog?


I get catalogs from a lot of the online stores,and all of them have much more(and often cooler) stuff on the website.Maybe the print catalogs are becoming the come-on for the websites. :|


They have a few on the last page or back cover in the closeout / blowout / scratch and dent section.


I'm sure they list items that they sell the most. Not every 16 yr old kid wants a Gretsch.


It certainly isn't exclusive to AMS.

I like the catalog, personally, because there's more metal-geared stuff printed than in most other catalogs. Their payment plans are pretty great too.


Besides, everyone knows if you want to buy a Gretsch, you use a sponsor here.


AMS is an excellent outfit. They were formerly the mail order arm of Victor's House of Music in Ridgewood/Paramus, NJ, my childhood hometown-ish shop.

Victor's was sold to GC but AMS stayed independent. I've had nothing but good experiences with them over the years.



I got that same issue today, and noticed the same thing.

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