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Almost NGD


Almost new guitar day!

With much second guessing, lots of internet research, and the assistance of Tartan Phantom, I made an offer on a 2005 6122-1958. The offer was accepted and will be shipped to me next week when I get back from an out of state conference in Louisville (Olivia Anne - you gonna be around next week?).

I love for my stuff to come with “stories” and this one is no exception. In talking with the seller (a music store owner), he told me he sold this guitar new to the original owner. The guy had a Gibson Country Gentleman but wanted the real deal. However, he didn’t have the money for the Gretsch, and the music store owner didn’t have the money to order the new Gretsch. So he called George Gruhn, who offered to buy it so the guy could get his Gretsch.

In addition, the original owner wanted a Bigsby like Chet had, so the music store owner called up Duke Kramer and ordered one. He said Duke’s wife answered the phone and she told him “he’s out cutting the grass, hold on…”

Unfortunately, the original owner passed away and is now delighting folks with his jazzy/country playing in the big band in the sky. His widow can rest assured this guitar is going to a good home and will be well taken care of.

So stay tuned for the arrival of what I hope is a great playing and sounding 2005 Country Classic! Here's a teaser photo from the seller's listing.



Yehboy! That’s a sweet model to have. Bet you gon’ be happy.


The story is as cool as the guitar. Congratulations!


Congrats! The widow can be assured that it’s going to a good home.


if you ever get a wicked hankering to sell that, do let me know. that's the CG model i want...i played an original in 1982 in Eugene, OR and the memory has never left me. it actually hurt to walk out of the store without it, but i was homeless then.


Congrats, Hoot! That’s a Contry Gentleman for a country gentleman!


Good on ya, Buddy! That's a nice one.


Congratulations Hoot Owl, that's a sweet guitar. I'm glad you are able to give it a good home, after the original owner passed away.


Boy, that is a work of art, sir! Congrats, indeed!


Way cool, Hoot Owl!



I'm firmly convinced that good stories make a guitar a better instrument.

Not that the stories make them technically play better, but a guitar's stories and history move them from an assemblage of wood metal and plastic to an entity with personality.

It's the story that turned Pinocchio the puppet into a real boy.

The story turns a guitar into something that the player has a relationship with . It changes the guitar from a tool into a dance partner.


Congrats. -58 Gents are great guitars.

Kind of a Gretsch sleeper. Does it have trestle bracing?

Enjoy the heck out of it.


Congrats Hoot,beautiful geet sir!


Supposed to have trestle bracing.


Supposed to have trestle bracing.

– Hoot Owl

That would be cool. I really like that "V" cut on yours.

Always considered getting one for mine, but just never got it done.

Only thing that I changed was adding a Tru-Arc bridge and a DE handle.

Great sounding and a really nice player.


Sweet one, Dave! Congrats! Can I have your 5622 now?


Congratulations! You are getting, IMO, the BEST of the Gretsch lineup. I've had my '59 Gent for over 10 years (mine was made in 2007) and still consider it the best guitar I've ever owned in more than 6 decades of guitar playing.

Yours looks like a beauty and will likely look even better "in the flesh". So enjoy!!!


Be still my heart. That guitar is stunning. Congrats, you are a lucky man.


Sweet one, Dave! Congrats! Can I have your 5622 now?

– Twom

If it comes up missing I’ll know it was you! Or Baba Joe!

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