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Adding a Dynasonic guitar to my collection?


Ive been looking at penguins/jets and 6120DS with dynasonics in them? I currently own a 6120 with filtertrons and a penguin with TV Jones Classics in them. My question really is how different will the penguins sound compared to the DS? Some of the penguins have TV Jones in them or Duncans, and the DS are stock. What do you guys think of the pickups? Any differences in the stock 2000s dynasonics and the stock 2010s dynasonics? Any help would be Great


If you have a good Jet with Dynasonics, you won't need other guitars.


...or a good 6120 with Dynasonics.


Jets with Dynas are in a class by themselves. Different sounding from 'tron-equipped models, be it a caddy green Jet, a Roundup (my personal favorite), or a black one like George or Cliff played. I think the 6120DE (Duane Eddy sig model) is probably the best of the Dyna-packing bunch, though. My opinion, for what it's worth.


I have a 2011 Jet with Dynasonics and the stock pickups sound great.


I had a 2003 DS and it wasn't that good for sustain but for surf stuff it is great. I just gave it to my son. Can't speak to the Duo Jet.


Duojet 100%! although it's fun to have other guitars too!


I've got a custom shop penguin that came with TV Jones T-Armonds. I put a TV Classic in a DeArmond mount in the bridge and it basically sounded like a T-Armond, but with "less" top and bottom end and a generally "less full" sound. I'll be putting the T-Armond back in it soon. The difference wasn't massive, but it was noticeable

As far as preference goes, the TV Jones T-Armonds are my favourite pickup, with the stock ones coming second. The stock DeArmonds aren't bad, but the TV Jones sound better to my ears. I haven't tried a vintage or Seymour Duncan Dynasonic so I can't comment on those


Can’t do without my silver sparkle Dyna Jet.


The best clean sound I ever got out of a guitar was the neck DeArmond of an original 1957 Gretsch 6120. Never heard that out of a Jet so far, as much as I love them. I played a modern G5125 Electromatic with vintage Dynas recently and was blown away by the sound. It came very close. I didn't expect this. In my opinion those pickups profit from resonant guitars while Filtertrons can also sound great in a rather stiff guitar.


I just got a G-6128T George Harrison Duo Jet with Dyna Sonics. I did a sound comparison of most of the new Gretsch Guitar line & to my ears the Dyna Sonics sounded the best & were the most versatile overall..

I don't think there's any sound those Pickups can't get.



Based on what you said I'd recommend one of the "vintage select" jets w/ T'Armonds or a CS Jet if you can afford it. Wildwood has some nice CS Jets in and out. Rainbow guitars here in Tucson had a good selection of Penguins last time I was in there, but they usually have filters.

Love my DSW outfitted w/ T'Armonds but my CS '57Jet has been getting all of the play lately. And it weighs less than 7-1/2 pounds. Tele stays in her case too.


I don't think there's any sound those Pickups can't get.

They don't do a very convincing loon mating call.


I'd say don't do it. Within days you'll have all your other guitars for sale!


Now that T-Armonds fit a filter mount, snagging a corvette and dropping them in seems a great way to forget about the rest of one's guitars.

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