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About to go ahead on Duo Jet - any thoughts?


Hi All.

Serial no JT13010318

Seller seems genuine. Seller thinks it may have been '59 or '57 reissue with nitro finish. Has certificate of authenticity stating 6128T.

Has Dynasonics but concern is Bigsby branded Bigsby - I thought they were branded as Gretsch? The arm had been changed to fixed but seller has original arm.



Dynasonics on a Jet is a wonderful thing. I wouldn't be too worried about the Bigsby. Probably an add on but it wouldn't be a deal breaker, for me.


Based on the S/N it's a 2013 model. Looks lovely.


6128DSV, I had the same guitar and loved it, mine came with a plain case instead of that lovely tweed. It's a '55 reissue, Bigsby is correct for that year RI, Gretsch branded didn't start until around '60. I only sold it when a real '55 at a killer price fell in my lap.


Awesome. Thanks all. Will go ahead.


Buy, buy baby! A Dyna Duo Jet is a wonderful thing.


You're making the right decision


Yes, that’s a DSV. They came with the Bigsby Bigsby, a fixed arm and a swivel arm (that tends to break). I’ve got the same model and it’s a wonderful guitar!


I briefly had one with a JD prefix. It had similar appointments, but a V profile neck that I struggled with. The lacquer finish can wear from the black front leaving a tidemark, but I managed to polish is out eventually.

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