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A Tale of Two Cliff Gallup 6128s


A few months ago I sold a 6128 Cliff Gallup and almost immediately regretted it. I sold a couple of amps and was looking at a 6128 George Harrison but I really like the look of the Cliff more. So I ordered one from a shop (used) but in fantastic shape.

It is the exact directly next serial # than my previous Cliff. I was a little nervous in the fact that my previous Cliff had the thinnest neck profile out of any of my modern Gretsches.

But to the opposite this almost has the largest neck out of any of my modern Gretsches.

So I'd say even in today's tight tolerances of CNC machines these guitars do come out differently at the end after the final sanding takes place.


Which neck did/do you like best?


When watching any guitar manufacturing video on Youtube I've noticed that the CNC machines only do the initial cutting and routing. Most of the work in building guitars is still done by hand.


Which neck did/do you like best?

– Proteus

I like the feel of the thicker neck.

I have a 6119-62HT VS that has a thicker than usual Modern Gretsch neck that I go to over my other Gretsches and this will be a nice back up with a familiar feel.

I tend to buy and flip a lot of modern Gretsches but usually hang on to the ones with the beefier necks.


I have a Cliff Duo Jet and it has a very chunky neck.. I love it..

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