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A restored 2003 White Falcon G6136T ,,, Blues jamming content ,,


I restored a friend's 2003 Gretsch White Falcon, that he got from another friend who passed away recently ,, so, it had been sitting in his garage for along time, so, he let me borrow it last week to clean it up, put new strings on it, spray the pots, set it up ,, and it's works and plays just fine now.

There's thoughts too that he may want to off on me for a fair price or trade some gear for it ,, : )

This fellow is a drummer anyway so probably wouldn't be playing it a lot himself, etc.

I took it for a test ride last night at a local Blues Jam over on the coast, Pacifica, Calif., and it seemed to faire fine! :)

So here's a clip of some Blues on it :)


Sounds great Geoff,ya gotta get it sir,would make a nice pair with your double cut!

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