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90’s area Jet, are they solid or chambered?


I’m watching on the pre fender area 90’s area 6128/6129 jets, after few searching I found most of them are around 10lbs! And seems they are solid, which against to jet signature spec. However the biggest influence for me to get in jet is those 90’s recordings, especially Superunknown. And Chris even stick with his 90’s Gretsches before passed away, not the newer ones. I guess ceramic Filter’Tron maybe one factor to the sound . But anyway, are 90’s Gretsch jet all solid? Any knowledge about it?


Pre-Fender is solid, Post Fender is chambered, 50's Jets are hollow, the BZ Tribute model is hollow.


My 89' silverjet was routed exactly as my 96' roundup. Not solid in the inside, definitely chambers but minimal compared to post '03. The 89' had the tone of a dull hammer and the ceramic pickups didnt help pull it out of its butt I was so surprised getting the '03 jet, is was fully routed out and light as a feather, yet plenty crunchy w classics into a tophat king royale. If you want to get that raging grunge tone. A powertron neck w a powertron+ bridge in any current jet should suffice.


This one likely weighs in at around ten pounds. I blame the tone on the mass of wood that these Gretschbuckers are mounted to. I get so many compliments on the tone. Usually it's tuned to Drop -D, which may be why it sounds great but I have used it as a back up at gigs when I break a string.

It would be hard to pull her from my cold dead hands.

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