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6122 CG vs. 6196T Club


Hello, long time viewer, but first post (whew the pressure) I'm currently in the market for a second Gretsch (yes, it's true you can't stop at one) I have a Silverjet 6129T that I totally love. I've narrowed it down to the Country Gentleman 6122-1958 and the 6196T Country Club. I've tried the CG and love it, plays beautifully and seems pretty versatile. Was actually surprised by the variety of tones I could get out of it. I play a variety of styles but am looking for a guitar for Rockabilly, Country and Swing stuff. So Gretsch experts is there a big difference between the two? Unfortunately I have not found a local dealer who has a Club in stock to try and I'm nervous about buying a guitar without trying it. Been down that road before.

One other question, just to add to the mix I quite like the Setzer Hot Rods (they look awesome) again no local dealer has one in stock. While they look great don't know if they have the versatility of the CG. Curious what the experts think.


The Club and the Gent will be similar sized - same width, almost the same depth I think. Scale length will be different the CG is 24.6 the Club is 25.5. Obviously, you have a closed top on the CG and real f-holes on the Club. Both are stock Filtertrons. The controls are almost the same I think, but that configuration of the Club includes a mute.

My guess is that they won't sound all that different plugged in, bracing and scale length are probably what will make the most difference and I don't know how much it will change. The CG has trestle braces, so better feedback control - along with the closed top - against the Club. But the Club has the longer scale length, so probably a little more snap.

I have a natural Club and love it. That's just me...


Two different dogs. Long scale vs short scale, open "f" holes vs "Electrotone" body.

Both great instruments, totally different feel and voicing


Experts, cute. The choice isnt obvious enough to you? Have you played a CC yet? Its the Big Boy with the Long scale. Alot of guitar and not made for the uncertain. get the CG.


this would actually be a difficult choice if i were in your shoes... i have a spruce club and love it. i've never played a 6122-'58, but it has always held a spot on the "next one" list. it's also a bit of a moody dark horse compared to the visual intoxication of the countryclub.

of the two i think the overall main difference is the ability to drive the 6122 harder in a live situation. if you would be playing this new guitar mainly for other people, get the 6122-'58. if you'd be playing it for your own pleasure, get the 'club. if you dont already have a nice big-body archtop, get the 'club.

only my opinion..


Hi, nope not obvious because I've only been able to try the Country Gentleman. Which I loved (though the painted F holes look a little cheap on a $2,000 guitar, but the sound is awesome). My local dealer does not have a CC in stock and are not open to ordering one in unless I commit to buying.

Longer scale and size doesn't bother me, I have a Heritage 550 that's a pretty big fella. I guess in terms of versatility which one covers more territory? How would you describe the different voicings?


I've played the 59' CG and WOW what a guitar. I saw a rockabilly band who's lead guitarist used a 58' CG and it sounded awesome.

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