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Happy Birthday Mark T


I recenetly purchased a 2006 Nashville Classic 6122-1959. I really like it, and will put the spec and ser # and such up on this site soon. I didn't get the owners manual or the swivel bracket for the Chet handle with it. Anyone know where I can find a copy of the manual or where I can get the swivel? Thanks for any help


Welcome aboard, grayghost.

I'm trying to remember if there was a manual specific to the model when I got my 6122-'59. You can find specs and a lot of other fascinating info at the Gretsch guitars website. And you can order a swivel arm from Black Rider (see link in list of sponsors, at the right of nearly every page here) or perhaps even from Bigsby directly.

Welcome to the fraternity of the (arguably) most elegant Gretsch model.

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