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6122-1959 neck profile


Hi! I am looking to get a wide-necked Gretsch, and this seems to be the only option. But there are none here that I can play before buying, so I wonder - can any of you tell me what the neck profile is like on these guitars? I tend to like big necks, both fat and wide.


It is wide and fat,very playable though.I believe Chet designed it for fingerpicking.I play with a pick no problems.


I own a lot of guitars, of various kinds, from the telecaster, acoustic Taylor also through a dobro DelVecchio. I own so this Gretsch 6122-1959 and this is perfection in everything !!!! Sound, desing, feeling, really a work of art !!!



Kid Gretsch said it well. The only other Gretsch I can think of is the 6120CGP stereo which I believe has 1.75 nut and 24.6 scale but I never tried one.

Edit. After seeing the next couple of comments, I realized I misread KidGretsch's comment. I thought it said flat, not fat. My mistake. I agree with JD and Troy.


The one that I had, I wouldn't call it "fat" by any means. Compared to the 6136T Falcon that I had at the same time, it was not as chunky/fat, from the fingerboard to the back of the neck.

Wider yes, but the neck profile felt like most other Gretsches, but thinner, compared to the Falcon.


It feels different at first but after a day you won't notice until you pick up another guitar. I'm totally good with the profile. I wouldn't necessarily call it fat but it is a different beast.


Its great all round and a monster w effects.

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