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6122-1958 Incoming


Just ordered up a 6122-1958 (2008). Prev owner put a supertron (bravo!) in the rhythm position and a dynasonic at the bridge (hmmm . . . ) . He also put on a compensated aluminum bridge on a rosewood base (yuk). He also put on a gold bigsby (again, hmmm . . . .). First change, I suppose, is a SS Tru-Arc on an ebony base. How do I get the Tru-Arc? I've only read about them, and only a little even then (duh)--but enough to know that's a change that ought to be made. Second change (I assume) is some TV Filtertron in place of the Dynasonic (unless I end up liking the dynasonic). Anyone up for a trade if I don't like the Dynasonic? I assume the Filtertron+, or whatever is in the 59CG would be an even trade. I already have a gold Chet arm, so I'm good there. LMark


Congrats. A short list Grail for a lot of people. Look over to the right side of the screen and click on Tru Arc Bridgeworks. If not there, they rotate and it will return shortly. Or pm Proteus here.

A TV Classic Plus is the pickup you’re thinking about. You can find TVJ at the right here as well. The Supertron and Classic Plus are the ‘59 combo. A couple of people here have changed to Dynas in their 6122-1959s and are happy. I like it stock.

Whichever, I bet the ‘58 is a great guitar.


I'm Tru-Arc. Contact me through the Gretsch Pages messages (click on avatar at left, then "contact").

Then we'll be in email contact and can figure out what you need. The 6122-58 is a great guitar. You clearly have good taste!

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