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6121-1955 love


Back in 2012, Redrocker won a 6121-1955 at the Nashville Roundup. While watching and hearing Paul play that guitar (actually before he won it), I felt that I just had to get me one. So a year later while I was home recovering from a work injury, I bought one from one of our sponsors.

Guitar arrived looking awesome, but had a bad tuner, messed up Bigsby handle and the entire Bigsby was shifted due to some play in the hinge. The sponsor made good on the Bigsby handle and tuner and I made a bushing for the hinge and shimmed the Bigsby. All good, right?

Started to play the guitar and wasn't liking the tiny frets. The Bigsby aluminum bridge didn't seem to be performing as intended. I gigged with the guitar every now and again, but it really stopped getting attention, even though I liked the sound of the Dynas. I even considered selling.

About two years ago, I did a little work on the Bigsby bridge and taped the bridge in place after intonating the guitar. Started to like her better. As of late, I find myself reaching for the 6121 first and I'll be playing my fourth gig in a row with it. I seem to have found a way to get along with the teensy tiny frets, although I think I like the frets on my other Gretsch guitars better. I am just finding such a nice tone with this guitar and it has become a pleasure to play. I may still get a Serpentune from Proteus, but for now, I'm getting along with the current bridge.

Anyone else got one? Like it?


I never played one, but know that there are people out there who swear by dyna jets. Good thing you kept it. Congrats


I'd love one, i have a regular 57 6128TSP so can't complain.

I love the cowboy stuff though,and it would sit nicely with my DSW!

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