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6120 - TV Jones or Filtertrons


Ok, I officially have the bug...I need...well...want another Gretsch! After reading posts, reviews, listening to samples, etc I still can't make up my mind. It seems that the main difference from what I gathered is that the TV Jones pickups are a little crisper and definitive, while the Filtertrons are a bit dirtier. Is this a fair assessment?

What I am still a bit confused on is whether there are differences between the Filtertrons? For example, I read HiLo, Vintage, etc.

Any thoughts?


Had a 6120 modern version ,it had filtertrons ,nice clean good tone ,strong pickup ,all around great pickups . my current setzer hot rod has TV jones filtertrons , more bite ,edgier ,more growl , with more volume on the amp they are more aggresive with more growl . Gretsch make a 6120 LTV that also comes with TV Jones .


Thanks Rejean...that's the type of response I was hoping for.


To my ear, the 'High Sensitive' Filter'tron that comes stock on most modern Gretsch guitars is a hotter, gritter pickup compared to a TV Classic. The TV Jones Classic is certainly capable of grit, but it's generally a bit smoother, cleaner, and clear, IMHO.


My Hot Rod ,growls way more than my Tennessee Rose !


In my opinion, High Sensitivity Filtertrons are smoother and more versatile. Less "greasy rock-a-billy twang" and more suitable for jazz, pop, and classic rock. They're very under rated. They are a tad less bright and higher output than TVJ Classics. The Classic Plus, Powertron Plus, Powertron etc. seem to be higher in output but oddly have lots of brightness.

I like TVJ pickups in more specific applications. They seem to do one thing very well at the expense of versatility. For example I find Magnatrons to be a fantastic neck pickup or pickup for longer scale guitars, but I find them shrill and tinny at the bridge. consequently I have a few guitars with one TVJ guitar in them but the other might be a HS Filtertron. HS Filtertrons aren't better or worse than TVJ pickups...just different.


I'll stick with the factory filters in my 6118T. I did have a 6120 LTV when they first came out, the TV 's were to loud and not clean enough for my taste, along with that silly zero fret.

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