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Hello all!

I’m looking for a 6120 and want to better understand the difference between 2.5 deep with tone post VS 2.75 deep and tressle(sp?) bracing.

Found a good deal on a Chet Atkins 6120 and a Setzer hot rod-Roman red. And trying to figure which to buy. I played the Chet but not the hot rod. I hope to try it tomorrow.

Any thoughts between these two? And the different bodies?


Bodies aside, could you live with the hotrod config with no individual volume controls? Lots of people can. I've tried. I can't. If you run all pots maxed at all times, please ignore me


Good point. Usually don’t mess with the volumes too much. That’s not a big deal for me.


I admire anyone who plays Setzer Hod rods... they know their sound and they just go for it! Not much futzing with knobs, just playing the darn thing loud and proud! It’s the perfect instrument for that!

I play a lot of different styles... mostly vintage sounding, but with different tonality, so I prefer the modern-era 6120. And I actually prefer the “mud switch”! I do use the pickup volumes to blend when I’m using both pickups too. And I like the sound post for a more open sound, and I don’t have feedback problems at all... and we tend to get kinda loud!

The necks and fretboard radiuses are going to be different too!


Might the neck radius be different too? I think most 6120s have 12” radius and Hot Rods have 9.5”. If wrong, someone can correct me. Neither is better than the other, just an issue of preference.


being able to blend the pick ups nice. i don't usually play with them that much but good to have the option.

i'm comfortable on either but probably prefer 12" over the 9.5".

well i didn't get a chance to play the hot rod... but i bought the G6120 anyway! pretty happy with it so far. sounds great! plays real nice

one thing i noticed is how good it sounds unplugged. it's not something i think about much with electrics, but it really stood out to me.

the HS FilterTrons sounds pretty good~ i've heard mixed things but they really are pretty nice.

anyway, super happy to have 6120 finally!


Congrats! I think you made the wise choice! And, yes, the 6120 with the sound post does sound good acoustically..,great for when you’re just practicing and don’t necessarily want to plug in! I actually enjoy the HS Filtertrons and haven’t really found the need for a swap yet. They are very responsive to how you play, and the electronics seem to be great. Here’s what I do to get the best out of them... I set it up to be a bit hotter (louder) than I normally play, then roll off the main volume just a bit. I know it’s not a treble-bleed circuit, but I can roll it back without any loss of tone or feel! And I have all the responsiveness I need from the pickups, and plenty of headroom.

Again, congrats on a great guitar! Play it in good health!


Share up some pic's. We'd love to see her.



Sounds like you picked up a beauty Chris!


Congratulations on the new guitar, Chris! I have a 5422, it's the double cut hollow body Electromatic, with a sound post. I prefer a sound post too, they do sound lovely unplugged. Please post some pictures of your new guitar, we like picturesI use my volume knob a lot, I set my sound up to have some dirt at full volume. I then roll it back to play clean, then I can roll in the overdrive for lead guitar.


Th Duane Eddy models are really good....better than the originals.


here it is! i took a pic of it in the shop before i bought it.


Cool,sort that bridge out though!


The bridge is off kilter. The saddles are adjustable for intonation so no need to angle the bridge. Did you pick this up at L & M? The background looks familiar.


Ya I thought the bridge looked a bit off. The bass side is angled up. I’ll sort that out!

Ya I found it in L&M Victoria when we were visiting for a weekend. Made in 2014, it was used. But it looks brand new! It even made my fingers black for the first few plays... looks like it was never played much.

Anyway I sure like it!

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