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I just bought a 94 6120 and when I received it I notice the label inside had a "-60" added to the model number. Does this mean it is a copy of the 1960 edition 6120?



Yes, it does, and the 6120-60 is a really good model, too. Congrats on new guitar!



Thank you Sir. I am pretty excited about it. I just wish I hadn't sold my Twin Reverb years ago. I am surprised at what it will cost me to buy one now!


Twins are always listed cheap-ish on my local Craigslist (Chicago). If you're in a fairly populated area, it shouldn't be hard to nab one locally for $600-ish. I wouln't buy one new, way overpriced, IMHO.

The 6120-60 is pretty close to the 6120-LTV spec wise minus the TV Jones pups and nitro finish. I was trying to find one over the summer for a friend who wanted a good base 6120 to have relic'd like a Setzer tribute guitar. I wasn't able to locate one, he got itchy, found a good deal on a RHH and bought that instead (which thankfully, he didn't relic).

Anyway, congrats on a great score!


Great guitars, slim neck, ebony fretboard, vibrant body, skinny frets. Love mine.


Hey, Steve,

The good thing about Twin Reverbs is that they're pretty much a commodity item; per Vibramute, you can always pick one up at one price point or another.

Truth to tell, several months ago, I was debating whether or not to sell my Twin. I looked on eBay to see how plentiful and pricey they were, and I drew a conclusion: "If I decide I must have one again, it won't be difficult to do so." The decision to sell it (which I did) was easy to make once I realized that.



Thanks. What year was the LTV? Did it come with the Bar Bridge? I took a shot in the dark buying this one, as not only was it my first, but I knew precious little other than Chet is my idol and he played Gretsch. I just LOVE the orange color and the body shape. With help like yours, I am feeling better and better all the time about my purchase.


I recently picked up a FSR SuperSonic 22 1x12 for $800 that is very close tone wise to my old twin, but I can carry it around.


Thanks. I was wondering just what kind of fret board I have too. It is not solid color, but darker in some areas and lighter in others. I assumed it was the ebonized rosewood because of this. No?


Yeah, I remember being sick of porting my FSR around. I just bought a Gretsch G5222 practice amp to give me some time. I only have bass amps as I am the guitarist who would always give in and play bass because SOMEBODY had to.


The 6120-60 is a great guitar! Mine is a '96 model and has been my main stage-guitar for years! It plays and sounds great, but the frets are worn because I played it very often. Photobucket


CBell said I recently picked up a FSR SuperSonic 22 1x12 for $800 that is very close tone wise to my old twin, but I can carry it around.

Steve Kendall said Yeah, I remember being sick of porting my FSR around.

Sounds like FSR is Fender/Factory Special Run for one and Fender Super Reverb for the other of you. CBell, how do you like the SuperSonic and what Special Run did you get?

Back to OT I can say that I was surprised when I played a friends 1994 6120-60. It is a great playing and looking, resonant guitar. Congratulations!


Good catch, yes mine is a special run Super Sonic 22 amp, the recent gold/black one, crappy photo included. I very much like it, it really comes close to a Twin full range clean. It has a "vintage" clean channel and a "burn" overdrive channel. Clean is great, burn not so much, it will do. But its a 1x12 and not so bad to move around, loud enough for me.


By the way, the Super Sonic reverb is every bit as good as a Twin.


Got one, my #1 axe since '99.

Deeper body (2.75") than the standard Nashvilles, and while not the most "historically accurate" of reissues, it's a great guitar. I don't even mind the Space Control bridge!


My frets seem kind of high almost like the fret board has been worn down between them. Also, my fretboard wood is multi-colored, black and brown. Is that ebonies rosewood?


That one's ebony, which isn't immune to wearing down, but it does it a lot slower than rosewood. Sounds like somebody's probably just played the daylights out of yours!


You know, I had the same thought! Gonna find the best Gretsch doctor I can find near me and have her checked out.

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