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6120-1959 LTV vs 6120T-59 VS


Other than the model number, what's the difference?


Not much different, the LTV had gold plated tuners and strap buttons...


Best dang necks on the planet IMO. Love the Vintage V.

The newest model has the "Sqeeze Box" caps and factory treble bleed.

Either guitar is awesome.

Best of luck grabbing one.


I'm not seeing the Volume Treble Bleed...but the Oil-in-Paper caps are probably preferred compared to the ones I just took out of my 6120RHH.

They were tiny little squares, not sure of the composition.


Not sure about how much better the foil/oil caps are in a guitar, and treble bleeds are easy to add.

I've been installing the TV Jones treble bleeds in mine and really like them.


I put the StewMac Orange Drop Treble Bleed in mine during the Tone Pot swap.


I put the StewMac Orange Drop Treble Bleed in mine during the Tone Pot swap.

– Twangmeisternyc

That's what the TV uses, along with a resistor across the Orange drop leads.

I'm pleased with how they function. How do you like them?


I have had Treble Bleed in my Super 400 for more than a decade, always liked it. I'm pretty sure they are Orange Drops.

For the 6120RHH it was a long time coming, more so from procrastinating. I think it's what you are used to, whether it's a benefit. The Gibson style controls are what I grew up on, both wiring styles.

Some just like being able to nudge the Volume Pot back to get a drop in the Treble.

I have always found the Gretsch pre-58 controls to be a very sensitive...minor moves makes big Tone changes. I'll need to reacquaint myself.


Yep, I too procrastinate when it comes to pulling pots in a hollow body.

I've got it down pat, and I really don't mind doing it, but I guess it's just the thought of the process that makes me say "I'll do it with the next string change." Lol.

I like not losing the treble with the master volume dialed back a bit during playing, with a little boost on tap having the same tone.

I just went through my RI -58 Gent adding the treble bleed and changed the pups. The Electrotone body is a little extra challenge not having "f" holes to look through and being able to grab what's needed at times. Pup cavities only.

Almost, just almost, started drinking again a few times! Lol

End result, well worth it to my ears.

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