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6118 Anniversary 135


I just ordered this guitar. I was leaning toward a 6120 players edition, but I saw this guitar on the sweat water site and loved the color. I hope I made a good decision.


You won’t regret it. But if you do, call me first!


I hope I like it. I’ve always played Gibsons and Fenders. I’ve always wanted to try a Gretsch!


You could very well echo the sentiments of many Gibson/Fender players who've wondered and regretted not trying Gretsch many years ago!


Will revelation come to the revelator?

Stay tuned till the truth is revealed.


Revelator, I think that you will really like the new Gretsch 6118. I had played nothing but Fenders and Gibsons for almost 50 years when I bought my first Gretsch guitar two years ago. Mine was the G5422TG, the Electromatic hollow body that looks like a G6122 County Gentleman.

I liked it immediately, but even more as I grew accustomed to it. Gretsch is a completely different animal than a Fender or Gibson. They have a chime that is unique, and many of them are equipped with a Bigsby. It very quickly became my favorite guitar, and I knew I had to get another, but different, one.

Last week, I bought a new G6131T, a Firebird Red Jet, and I couldn't be happier with it! It looks like a Les Paul, but is very different than an LP. The maple capped mahogany body is heavily chambered, and it's very loud unplugged. It has a Bigsby and pickups that sound somewhere in between a Fender single-coil and a Gibson Humbucker. It is an absolutely lovely instrument. My only regret is that I waited so long to buy a Gretsch guitar, like Windsordave pointed out!


My guitar arrived today! This thing sounds terrific! It will take a little while to get used to how it plays, but so far, so good!


Congratulations, Revelator - and welcome to the club. Pics or it didn't happen.


Excellent! I look forward to hearing your revelations.


Congratulations, Revelator, I knew you would like it! Welcome to our addiction, but fair warning, they're kind of like Lay's Potato Chips... Nobody Can 'Have' Just One!

As I mentioned above, I just bought my second Gretsch guitar, both have some serious mojo. I really dig the articulate chime these guitars have, with great note clarity in chords. These are my goto guitars for fingerstyle playing, they seem to excell in that.

I hope you have a great honeymoon with your new Anni, and a beautiful long term relationship with her!


C'mom, man...we need pic's.


I can’t post a photo. I get an internal server error


Love the color combo! Congrats and thanks for the pic.


Lovely! There's nothing better than a new Gretsch guitar, and yours is an excellent example. Have fun getting to know her!


Lovely geet Revelator,congrats!


Nice choice. Sweet.. Enjoy


Here ya go

– Revelator

Purty!! I had a regular smoke green Annie, and it was a great guitar. I kind of regret getting rid of it. Have fun with your new Annie.


can't beat an annie

love how the guitar matches the dr. z amp matches the couch matches the's all about aesthetics! haha

congrats & enjoy



Here ya go

– Revelator

50 shades of beige. Nice!

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