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5420t, Tru Arc and a pinned bridge


When I put a TA Serpentune on my 6119 (floating bridge) I was astonished how easily getting it intoned was. My 5420t has a pinned bridge and a Serpentune and I’m not getting the intonation love.

Before I start pulling stuff apart I figured I’d ask you dudes can I easily unpin my bridge and float that sucker?

And note I don’t have tuning issues I have an intonation issue: the notes are in key open but at the 12th fret a few strings are off. Using my amazing powers of logic and observation I’m thinking the bridge itself needs to be moved until I find the sweet spot.

So assuming I’m onto something here how do I unpin the bridge?


Which model SerpenTune on the 5420, and when was the guitar made? The SerpenTune on your 6119 may not be the model needed on the 5420.

I'm not always able to associate screen names with the names of Tru-Arc customers. If you ordered from me specifically for the 5420, I should have put you through a battery of questions to determine which bridge you need. If I didn't, shame on me, and you could have got the wrong bridge. Or I may have sent the wrong one.

In any case, contact me to straighten it out.

The direct answer to your question is that if your 5420 has a "Secured" bridge, you unscrew the bridge posts, which are very long and extend into the top of the guitar. If you then want to move the base to get best intonation with the bridge you have, you either need a new base with shorter posts (if you DON'T want to screw it into the top again) - or you have to make new holes to screw the original base in at a new location. Either way, the old holes should be hidden.

But I don't like making new holes in guitar tops if it can be avoided, which is why we try to offer a bridge with the specific compensation pattern required by those 5420s with the base mounted at a right angle to the strings.


Tim I have been behind on all things guitar but I just sent you an email with answers to your questions here. In short we didn't discuss the guitar/bridge at all that I recall, it's a 5420T (aspen green) so a late model, maybe 2018 or 2019. I ordered the SS SerpenTune for it.

I much prefer the idea of getting the right bridge versus unpinning it, the thought that I might have the wrong bridge never occurred to me.

Unrelated to the issue with the 5420T the SerpenTune on my 6119 is absolutely perfect in every way. Anyhow, you have mail

ps: in spite of the tuning issues on my 5420T this guitar has the best acoustic tone I've ever had on any acoustic electric I have ever owned. I play unplugged 90% of the time and holy cow this guitar sounds sweet and your bridge gets some of the credit for that.

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