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53 Vintage Select vs 6128 DSV


To me these are the most ascetically appealing of the modern Gretsch jets . (also the, no chance in finding here, Cliff Gallup) However, sellers are asking similar prices for second hand DSVs as new 53 Vintage Selects at retail.

Which would you choose? And Why?

Thank you


I bought a 53 VS in November and it's the only guitar I've played since. Hard to be objective because I am just in love with it. It's got the TV Jones Dynas, (I think) the chambering is improved, it's the better option as far as I can see.


The '53 (scripty) vintage select 6128 is about the only reissue Gretsch model that interests me.


I bought the 57 green VS jet when it was on sale. I've had it for maybe a year and a half and I doubt I've played it for 10 minutes. If I were still gigging I would take it to one and then could give a fair opinion. I don't have an opinion otherwise. I have a 61 6120 sitting in its case I dont think I've played it since 1990, the point being that it's just how I am. I can say I don't feel like the color is the same as the vintage. Maybe it's that poly paint.


At one time I simultaneously had a 6128DSV with Duncan Dynas and an actual ‘55 Jet Firebird. The DSV was different but just as nice both playing and sounding, it could definitely hold its own against the genuine article. DSV neck wasn’t as big - I like big necks.

No experience with the ‘53VS but can’t say I’ve seen any complaints.


The 53s are absolutely fantastic and remarkably consistent from one to the other. I've played three and own one.

I was considering the Cliff Gallup model, mostly because I love his playing and I like nitro finishes. I found a couple at reasonable prices, but the more discreet branding and deeper body of the 53 won me over. Love the pickups as well.


Thanks everyone!

I didn't realise the 53 had a deeper body than the Cliff Gallup model. I do love the look of the fixed Bigsby


You can put a fixed handle on any Bigsby, so don't let that influence your preference,

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