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2018 Gretsch Cliff Gallup Duo Jet Nitro


Hey guys, I have a minty nitro Cliff Gallup model I'm selling. Comes with the Custom Shop style case, fixed and normal Bigsby arms. Love to see it go to someone in the forum. I've had multiple custom shop gretsches and this is the first non CS I feel is the same quality. It's an amazing instrument. It's an 2018 I listed on Reverb for $2799, I would go $2400 OBO for forum member. Email me with any questions or offers. Link Link Link


Strange. After this posting went up, Elvis Castro put up a comment and I put up a couple of questions. Both of our posts are gone. How so?

As regards this specific post, it's a small matter, but I hope this isn't somehow reflective of the new direction of this site.

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