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2003 Gretsch G6117-TH


I recently purchased a 2003 Gretsch G6117-HT and was curious about a few things. Is this a reissue model made after FMIC took over? Did this model have the tressle bracing? Are the HiLo’Trons an accurate reproduction of the vintage specs, and what was the approximate street price when they were introduced? From what little I can find on them I believe they were made between 2003-2009.


Yes - though I believe some version was in production before the FMIC agreement.


They're pretty good.

Around 1,800.00 maybe. Occasionally available at lower price during e-tailer sales.


I think that these guitars were first issued in 2003 with the emergence of FMIC as the company designing the new models. This guitar was not offered as of the end of 2002.


Thanks for the clarification, Cap'n Rickybob. Now it drifts up from the cellar of memory that maybe there were no HiloTrons in the 1989-2002 Fred era.


Here is one, Terrada built, from 2014. The original factory Hilos' have been swapped out for Filter'trons.

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