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1998 Duo Jet with Mods - TV Jones and Compton


I posted earlier asking about PreFMIC (but post Baldwin) Gretsches and thanks to all, especially Proteus for "edumacating" me.

The 1998 I got off Reverb arrived today!

This guitar absolutely RULES.

It's clearly poly (as most pre and post FMIC are) as it's a 1998 and there is no patina or signs of aging. It looks like a new guitar with a few pick swirls etc.

The frets are (as with most gretsches) vintage type - no jumbo frets on a Duo Jet. That would be... weird.

It has that great sparkling, chimey..... I might as well say it ... "great Gretsch sound".

It might be a LITTLE

less chambered than a FMIC Jet, but it's darn close. It is very light and clearly has the hollow resonance that Duo Jets are "famous " for.

The Bigsby stays in tune just fine... imo and ime the bar bridge helps as does a clearly well cut nut.

The TV pickups are GREAT for hard rock, rockabilly, country etc.

and yes... Punk... a la Billy Zoom of X

These are versatile guitars.

It has TV Classic in rhythm and TV CLassic plus in Treble position.

Clearly, it had Dynas before, based on the rosewood board, etc. or maybe that is a Post FMIC convention? No mud switch but has tone knobs

also has Compton SS bar bridge and TV Jones wiring harness


Congrats! Regarding rosewood or other configurations...there were no rules in that pre-FMIC period. Lot's of unorthodoxy in the lines.


Great acquisition....Congratulations!!!

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