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1:1 Drawing of Duo Jet Pickguard


Hi there I live in Denmark and I try to find a pickguard for my 2004 Duo Jet. I have found a guy who can do it but the problem is that these guitars are quite rare around here so we have a problem with the precise size of the original one. Is there anybody who knows of an online drawing, ie an PDF A4 document that I can print out. I know of Setzer but the problem is that the costs of having these things shipped (incl taxes, VAT etc) are quite ridiculous compared to the cost os the actual product. And.....why in the world have Gretsch discontinued that particular product. It makes no sense to me.

All the best Henrik


Hi Henrik. What exact Duo Jet model do you have? The Filtertron version differs from the Dynasonic version. Are you looking for gold or silver? I have a spare gold Dyna one. I'm from Berlin/GER.


Oh sorry, It's a Filtertron and I'm looking for a silver version. Too bad about your spare one, I would really like to get an original one but it doesn't seem likely at the moment.

As for the link, it is kind of what I'm looking for except it's a 54-58 version and mine is a 2004 with the screw holes already made. I would of course prefer one where everything would fit straight onto it. Thanks anyway, it's definitely better than nothing.

All the best Henrik


Henrik, I have a 2004 Filtertron Jet (a G6121 rather but otherwise identical). I could do a scan of the pickguard and send via E-Mail if this helps. You just have to be quick since I'm thinking of selling it over the weekend. Great guitar but it doesn't get enough playtime.

Maybe post a photo of your guitar. We like Jets.


Oh sorry I have been gigging and haven't seen your post until right now. It would have helped a lot but I suppose it's too late now.

All the best Henrik


It's not. I'll do it later this week.


Hi Henrik,

here's the scan. Open the pic in a new window and delete the .540x540_q85_autocrop.jpg from the URL. This will show its original size. Then download and print it out while making sure the output picture size is set to 100%. (Check with a ruler afterwards.) PM me if you need the original in either jpg or pdf. Good luck.

If this should be against any rules please somebody let me know and I'll remove this post immediately.

And please post a picture of your Jet! Sascha


sorry to muddy the waters but, I've always wondered if there is an overlay showing difference in shape of a les paul and duo jet


Gretsch vintage Duo Jet pickguard shape comparison photo 1288023000.jpg

Not a LP in sight but A overlay jet guards


Oh sorry I thought the thread had died. I will most certainly try this if I can't find an original, I'm still looking

All the best Henrik

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