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03 Gretsch Axe!


Here is my 2003 Gretsch Axe.

It came with Dimarzio humbuckers, which sounded fine, but I changed them out put in some GFS pickups, a Liverpool neck and Nashville bridge.

I have a Silverface Fender VibroChamp and Deluxe Reverb in my place right now that I use, and it sounds great.

It also sounds fantastic with my '84 Roland JC120 and a 70s gray Ross Compressor pedal.



Love your Axe, Indy65! That one is on my bucket list.


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Wow! I didn't know Gretsch reissued a version of the Atkins Axe. It looks cool. BTW, nice looking Italias in the bottom photo.


Righteous! She's a beauty!


i'm also startled by the combination of "Axe" and "03." i had no idea.


Here is some information on the Axes, not the Super Axes. I've had both!




I believe most of the re-issue Gretsch Axe guitars have come from The Music Zoo in NY. A few notable differences from the Originals in the 70's is the radiused fretboard opposed to the flat fretboards on the originals, the dice inlay, a more traditional truss rod adjustment where the old ones had a Burns gearbox truss rod system, the rear control access panels are very different, and there is a little notch on the bass-bout where the neck meets the body.

I've tried to pick one of these up several times but the universe always intervenes. I'm glad it sounds like you're enjoying it!


That is way cool! Very distinctive looking shape.


Likey! The stain is close to the color of my 2003 Tennessee Rose. Love the Sierra in the background. I've got one too. 95% the guitar of my Rancher.


Wow... those dice inlays are way too cool!


Thanks for all comments.

I need to take photos of my Gretsch acoustics and post them.

I'll be using my 6-string tonight at a restaurant/brewery in Rockwall, Tx., a suburb of Dallas.

It's open mic night! Depending on the numbers of songs, I'll do covers and originals.

Addendum: This will depend on the weather and roads.

Addendum II: My Gretsch Axe is cool, and I think I'll plug it into the Deluxe Reverb this Sunday. They go well together. IN65


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