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Who’s Going to Viva Las Vegas This Week?


The annual rockabilly event known as Viva Las Vegas is happening starting on Thursday, any GDPers gonna be in the house? We go every year, but this year is especially fun because my band, Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards, is playing on Saturday. So if you're going, c'mon over to the Bienville Room at 4:00 and catch our set. Between my 6120, Falcon, and bassist Chris Smith's White Falcon bass, Gretsch will be well-represented. Yeah, I know, Gretsch is pretty well-represented by most everyone at this event, which makes it all the cooler. If you're there, come say "Hey!," we'd love to see ya.

Joe Carducci is always there with loaner instruments for Gretsch players who come from afar and don't want to, or can't bring their own instruments, so look for him in the crowd, he said he'd come take pictures of us.


Usually I’m there every year but this year the band is on the road with back to back shows over Easter Weekend so I can’t make VLV.

Have a ton o’ fun y’all!!!


Can't be there, Franklin, but here's to a great set of Leapin' Lizards. I trust there will be video?


Same here...

I will make it down to VLV in a future year for sure, just too many other things to manage at the moment.

Have a great show and fun mingling!


Well it looks like its only You and Me Frank. (and Joe,but He's on the clock.)

The only reason Im going to VLV this year,I made a Deal with the Wife, I take her to Viva ( she knows I dont like Vegas) , and I go to the Nashville Roundup in September.

Not a bad Trade if I say.


I would love to go one year. Joe has described it as a really great time.


The show was a blast. I looked at the backline provided and went in thinking I’d use the Twin Reverb reissue they had on the lest side of the stage. Then I walked over to my area on the other side and saw a tweed Bassman reissue and thought “Hmmm, I’ve got a reverb pedal, this could work.” After playing so many gigs where we have to be oh so careful about our volume, it was fun to just let ‘er rip. That Bassman was like riding a bucking bronco but it sounded so good, I just held on and played it as best I could. Joe C. took pictures so I’ll share those when I get them. A great time and thanks to all who came by.


Another Viva has come and gone ,and another great time.

It was great running into Joe again, as usual he was Everywhere and nowhere, as he always seems to dissapear as soon as he appears. The Man is a Nonstop Gretsch worker and goes 100 MPH and I wish I knew the secret potion he takes.

Frank was his usual great playing self up on stage, and yes I concur, his guitar sound was very impressive. Im no amp expert so I cant give all the glory to that Bassman but His tone and clarity shined thru every tune, His solo's were very impressive and flowed nicely. Great job Frank.


The Band that stole the Show, these guys, direct from Hong Kong.


The Boogie Playboys were Awesome.


sorry I missed it, I dont understand the stupidity of having it easter weekend.


I'm just speculating, mind, but I think it's just possible that the Venn circles for "rockabilly cat races with devil" and "won't miss Easter sunrise service" don't have alllll that much overlap.

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