Meet & Greet

Welcome orianna! (Grumps niece)


I'm so happy you have joined us! When we met at johns I was amazed and delighted at how fast you learn. You have what it takes to enjoy music. May it fill your life with joy.


Good call munman and welcome indeed. You certainly feel comfortable playing that bass and it can be heard. Great timing and feel for the music so just keep playing and enjoy the heck out of it! Music really is wonderful.




Welcome Orianna! I’ve sung your praises on two separate threads; suffice it to say you’re a very good musician and I was highly impressed at your skill. We did a couple of rather difficult songs and you kept right up with the group! Perhaps it’s the mojo from Bear’s bass…I don’t know but you’ve got some chops, young lady!
Great to have you on-board and I hope to jam with you again at “Grumpfest ‘13”! Keep on Keepin’ on!

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