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Going to see the Replacements Saturday (Philly)!


Never got a chance to see them when they were together - I only started listening to them circa 'Don't Tell A Soul'. Then they broke up a year or two later. It feels like a bucket list thing and I don't have a bucket list.

I was on the fence about going until I read this quote from a review by Philip Cosores : " Seeing a reckless band of 50-somethings would be flat-out depressing, but seeing a surviving band channeling their youthful energy for a night is inspiring." I'm in!


Wow, should be a great show. I really like Paul Westerberg's solo stuff, too.


Wow, I'll have to look this one up -- like you, I found them at "Don't Tell A Soul."


Maybe I'll see you there if I can fix a scheduling conflict. Kind of another high water mark is having the opportunity to work on some of Tommy's guitars, one being a 56 Cadillac Green Country Club and this one which was a little scary.



Great! I'll be seeing them the 30th in Amsterdam. I am really looking forward to it! Such a great band!

Nice work again Curt!


Beautiful repair work Curt. I'll keep an eye out for you at the show.


Have fun! I've never seen The Replacements but I've been a fan since high school.


It was a great show! Lots of favorites and the sound was real good too. Really glad I got to see them - apparently they had to postpone a couple shows earlier in the week due to illness.


It was a really good show!

Sorry we didn't run into each other, lots O people.


Dang! Would liked to have met up. I got there late, about 10 minutes before the Replacements started. Probably took me a half hour driving up and down Columbus Ave. looking for parking. Apparently the lot right next to the pier is now only for the casino. Ironically, I ended up parking in the self park lot at the casino (for free).

It was crazy full til I walked in, I didn't get a chance to look for you.

I don't usually do this, but after over 25 years of singing their songs in the car I finally got to sing along with the band.


I was there to pick up a guitar and a concert broke out...

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