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UK “Noob”


Hey folks, just showing my face for the first time - I'm a life long guitar player and for some reason never had a Gretsch until now. Big mistake obviously and now I'm hooked. 2004 Brian Setzer 6120 SSU is now round my neck and what a great guitar. Looking forward to picking up some good info and making some new friends.


Welcome to the asylum! You'll find that Gretsches are like potato chips (crisps to you)--- you can't have just one. You've started out with a great one!


Welcome aboard!


I'm sending you a mental boot in the arse for not enjoying a Gretsch until now, but glad you finally 'dove in' and became a Gretsch owner. Now for the bad news: as Wabash so adroitly pointed out, Gretsches are highly addictive. Wait till you get tempted by the myriad of choices in the vintage world of Gretch!


Welcome aboard from Essex.


Welcome to the GDP sir!

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