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The Zombie Guitar Co.


Hi, I just found you guys! (Thanks Skinny Jim!) I own a guitar shop here in Southern Illinois...The Zombie Guitar Company. I am a Gretsch dealer and I am glad I found this forum! I look forward to talking, working, creating and anything else with everyone!


Hey Tracy - welcome and please consider becoming a site sponsor


Welcome to the I look forward to your contributions.


Skinny Jim has a load of talent. Hoping to see him in Nashville, this year. Jim?

Are you near St. Louis or on the Indiana side?


Welcome aboard Tracy


Hey Tracy, welcome aboard. I'm in southern Indiana and pass through southern Illinois occasionally. You're pretty central, a bit out of my usual path (usually on I-64) - but I occasionally go to Cape Girardeau, and it looks like you're on that trajectory.

If I get down there, I'll be sure to stop in. Always good to see a store with a few Gretschs.

Tell Jim I said hi.


Welcome to all things Gretsch, Tracy! You will definitely fit into the crowd around here.

Couple of curiosity questions I'm sure others are interested in as well. How long have you been a Gretsch Dealer - give perspective to the pre/post FMIC transformation/perspective.

Do you have some interesting stories regarding Gretsch guitars you could share with us?

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