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So who all is coming to the Kansas City Cowtown Roundup?


Sorry to hear that, John. Hope something else turns up real soon.


John, that blows. You'll be missed.

Richard, are you going to make it up?


John, sorry to hear about your work situation. I hope that your fortunes turn upward quickly for you.


That's too bad John, I'm sure you're going to be putting in the extra hours 'till then...


Tim, it's kinda touch and go. There may be birthday parties and such that weekend. My son and one grand daughter's birthday is the same day, May 26 (Hank jr also). I work for free at the tire store now, and that is probably more than I am worth, but there is a little more financial planning going on now than before. I will try to give a definite answer as soon as I can find out the plans around here.


Will there be a keyboard at the event, or should I ship the Nord out?


Probably take 50 bucks to get it there and back, unless I drive. In which case, I'll bring more than the Nord!


Well, the date makes a difference. I had May 29 in my head for some reason. I'll go to work on that.


Thanks guys. 12 years at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. They laid off the whole IT department. No overtime til then Curt, but that made me laugh. Got lots of irons in the fire(is winning powerball an iron in the fire?), and offers, so I'll be busy with that, but I'll miss seeing y'all there.

Richard, I want you to jump around whilst playing some Ted Nugent.

Proteus, film it.


Sorry to hear that John. Man i wish I could have made this one. :(


John, if you have anything laid by - after you get this album done, find another compatible player and book a string of house concerts across the country. Play for people. Sell CDs. Take a few months. You can't make much at it, but you ought to be able to pay your expenses.

Otherwise...whaddaya know about Macs and publishing? We have too much work.

Has anyone leaned on tubwompus to make this gig?


No, other than idle "wonder if tubwompus can make it" chatter.


Sure wish it was in the cards for me, but I have two paying gigs that weekend... y'all have fun, and I'll see you in September in Nashville.


The lovely Kim Falcon and I will indeed be there with Gretsch swag-o-plenty & prizes that will make you drool. So if you're planning to attend, be sure to bring your lucky pick as we'll be playing the now legendary "Drop-Your-Pick-In-The-Sound-Hole" game.

Stay tuned as I should know in a few days about a very SPECIAL guest that may be attending.

The Cowtown RoundUp will no doubt be an event that will go down in Gretsch lore. You're not going to want to miss this!

See y'all there!



thanks, Joe. I've been "racking" my brain all day trying to figure out who the "Special" guest may be. :D but I'm sure whoever it may be, we're all gonna have a great time at the Cowtown/KC Roundup. ;-)



Sam tubwompus Hooff is provisionally a GO! We're now planning to drive. Working on bassist TimmieB too...


If you are planning to attend, or even if you think you MIGHT attend, please chime in here or in the Happenings section. We're trying to arrange for some food, and it really helps if we have an idea how many are coming.


It looks like I will be able to make Nashville after all, but that is the only one I will be attending if I can get a ride. Travel is very difficult for me.

John, so sorry to hear about your layoff. I've had my share of those as well. Is it a permanent layoff or is there a chance of being recalled? Whatever takes place, I pray you're not unemployed for very long.


I am planning on attending. I do have some basic gear available for use if needed- a couple mic stands with mics, guitar stands, and I will also bring the Ubangi Stomp pedal for anyone wanting to test drive it. I am just a hobby player, not a musician, so I will be primarily an observer if that's all right 8-)


Count me in unless the "bright lights flash".

KCMatt, I'm just a very part time hack, who loves Gretsches, so you won't be alone.

Hopefully Mr Tru-Arc will bring a few bridges along to sell. 8-) I'm thinking of a ST-120 for my newly aquired 6122-58.


Thanks Bear,

If I have something by then, I'm going to try and get there, but nothing set yet, so still a tentative "no go".

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