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So Cal Gretsch Jam T-Shirts


So I managed to get a Limited run of T-Shirts made up for tomorrows Gretsch Jam.

I used the Gretsch Amp logo on the front since I think its very cool ,with the Event info on the back,,not bad for only $10 huh?

Get them at the Event.


Those are great, Manny!

– Ric12string

Lets get something going for next Months shindig up North. Lets see about getting some art work going with some time to spare.


Grestch Jam T-Shirts are for sale,,,

$15 dollars shipped to you door ! Cant beat that!! MSG me and I will get them out to you ASAP.


i have one.

– BuddyHollywood



Just a bump, I have a few T-Shirts left over, if anyone wants one, Im blowing them out ! !

$10 shipped to your door, just MSG me.


Sizes? Payment via PayPal?

– Junior Q Man (Ryan M)

Yes Paypal, and I have a few sizes of each.

P.M. me

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