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Save the Dates - Nashville 2018 Roundup


So I guess he would be available. Lol!


So I guess he would be available. Lol!

– Suprdave

My precise point!


Make it happen, Olivia. I keed.


Make it happen, Olivia. I keed.

– Suprdave

I'll ask Brandy to call Lindsey to see if he's available. But, he's not a current Gretsch Guy.


Ha... You guys are psy-funny!

If any of you are going to be in the DC area on June 24th please let me know... I am hosting a private concert for my friend Clive Carroll on that day and would love to have you join us...

Let me know!

57 Chet


Clive also likes Gretsch...


Hey folks, I'm back.

I don't want to make this about me but I did want to share with my second family and you guys are the greatest. I have been at Mothers house, in hospice for her, for the last two weeks. It was tough but worth everything. Mother had a very unique life and she will be missed. I have no regrets and she passed peacefully. I hope I'm lucky enough to go this way.

Thanks for being the greatest community/forum on the planet and thanks for all of the great friendships I have made here.


Condolences from Cheryl and I, Dave. Need anything, let us know. We can be down right away with a batch of great chili.


Dave, you’re a good man. You have my deepest sympathy and also my respect for honoring your mother in the way that you did. It’s what a man is supposed to do, I think.


Tim, you are too kind, as all have been through this. I hope Cheryl is doing alright.

Thanks, Sam.


Exactly what Sammy said. This is what we are supposed to do for our parents.

Good on ya, Dave. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.


Sorry to read this Dave, sorry for your loss man.


Sorry for your loss, Dave. I’m sure she was a wonderful mother, considering how you turned out.


Sorry Dave. Been there with similar feelings but still it is not easy. Condolences


Sympathies and Condolences to you and the family, Dave.


Virtual gdp hug to you dave


Sorry for your loss, Dave. You will be in my prayers.


My Condolences Dave,to you and all the family sir.


Love to you and Karolyn.


My very best to you and Karolyn, Dave. I know how hard it can be. Peace to you and your family.


So very sorry, Dave. I know you and Karolyn have had a hard time. You are in my prayers. Love you, both, Olivia Anne


Dave and Karolyn, our deepest sympathy to you both. Your Mother was a remarkable woman, her story of survival reads like a novel. Thank you for sharing this with us, bless her heart and yours.


Sorry for your loss Dave my condolences to you and your family.


My sincere condolences, Dave. Wishing you, Karolyn, and your family peace and solace.



Your mom indeed led a most interesting life! Thanks for sharing her story here.

My consolations on your loss.

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