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Save The Dates — California Gold Rush Roundup


Maybe I'll come. I don't know. If I, like, plan ahead. Visit the daughter in San Leandro. Make a whole thing out of it. I don't like travel, though.

But those are stellar persons who round up at the NorCal, that's for sure. It's worth some effort to pretend to be a part of that party with those parties.


Start planning, Proteus. You are always a fun addition to the party.


Someday, man, someday...


I’d like to make the trip but I can’t miss two weekends so close together.


Curt, the same thought had occurred to me. We now have several Roundups in pretty close proximity to each other, particularly the Motherlode Roundup and the Nashville Roundup. It is a shame because it does tend to put a damper upon anyone's hopes of making it to both events in any given year.


I'd really love to, but my Cali trip is closer to the LA jam than yours, but they both look good to me! Hopefully, I can make it out to Manny's in the summer if the schedule permits.


I have it on the calendar. The kids beginning of school year schedule may interfere, but too soon to know.


I have it on the calendar. The kids beginning of school year schedule may interfere, but too soon to know.

– RcktBrewMan

Your kids may already be back in school by this time. Which should free you up to come up and join us.


Your kids may already be back in school by this time. Which should free you up to come up and join us.

– Ric12string

That is what I am hoping


Just a little nudge on this one so that hopefully anyone who didn't see it the first time around a couple of months ago will see it now.


Still in the plans, will need a refresher on the details, do's and dont's, etc.


DO: Have fun, make music, be joyful among other Gretsch friends.
DON'T: As Bax would say, "don't be a jerk."

Other than that, it is really simple.

What other details would you like?

What: The California Gold Rush Roundup
When: September 14, 15 & 16, 2018
Where: Camp Lodestar in Wilseyville, California


Do the rooms have Refrigerators? Or are Coolers and Ice preferred?

Friday dinner through Sunday Breakfast provided? And/Or can we cook for ourselves?

Is there Cell or other Phone Service? WiFi?

Beyond all things Gretsch, what other Instruments do others bring?

I would probably bring my two Amp set-up, some spares and tools, etc?

I have a few Sheet Music books that make sense...

What else?

Are we sharing rooms?


At this particular venue, we sleep in dormitories that have a number of bunkbeds in them. Also, there are some very small cabins that we save for families, couples, etc. Those are taken on a first come first serve reserve basis.

All meals are provided to us by the camp. They do all of the cooking, all of the dishwashing, everything. Our only job is to play music. And be happy. What a deal, right?

You can bring any instrument, including guitars, that you may want. We all like to ogle each other's gear. In terms of amplifiers, there is generally sufficient room for most people to bring their favorite amp. However, a two amp set up might be a bit consumptive of real estate, unless you can stack them. But, bring them both and we will just see whatever we can do with them that works.

You can bring whatever sheet music you would like to work from. What you will find, however, is that the songs come pretty quickly and everybody just throws out one of their favorites and others jump in. The music at our Roundup is surprisingly good, particularly when Parabar is present because his keyboard really pulls everything together.

The key to all of it is that we try to keep things easy and relaxed. No one has to play, yet all are encouraged to do so because one can never find a more supportive and nurturing crowd and group of fellow musicians then we have at our Roundup.


Ice, Fridge, etc.?

I'll do my Cooler for the foods I need to bring, beer, etc. Still trying to stay on my somewhat restricted diet. I would expect the Catering will have enough on it I can work around.

My Amps issue there.


The camp management is extremely good about accommodating special diets. So, if you have a dietary need, you will need to let me know and then I can share that with them.

Yes, you can bring an ice chest if you have beer or other items that you want to keep chilled in it.

The camp manager goes beyond the call of duty in helping make our stay there a pleasant one.


My Wall of Sound...

I'll reach you on email.

If we stay on track, we should be all settled into the new home so that will be out of the way.

We have things in the schedule before and after the Round up, that Weekend is open.


A Roundup just isn't a Roundup without the Cardooch, right? I think that I am not alone in that sentiment. Looking forward to seeing you there, Joe.


My friend Eric C. who drummed for us last year is looking forward to coming again also.


Excellent, Paul. We may have more drummers this year than we have ever had in the past. We may have to work up some kind of rotation system for them, but they will most likely figure it out among themselves if everyone is generous with allowing others to play as well.

Looking so forward to the Roundup again.


Or we could do some Allman Brothers/Grateful Dead tunes with two drummers at a time. Just sayin'.

A Whippin' Post/Dark Star/Mountain Jam thang could be hella fun!


We had some songs last year with two drummers, Parabar. It was a big sound. I haven't played drums since I was literally a kid, but I would think that two drummers works best when the drummers know each other (musically) so that they know when not to step on the other's feet.


I think this is the year we can make it. It has been so long and I've very much missed it. At this point in time it is on my calendar. Vicki (Hollywood) is planning on it as well. I'll reach out to Hot Rod Michelle and see if she'll make it. Her professional pilot career has really taken off (pun intended) and she is all over the map (also intended).

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