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Rocketboy returns… who’s still here and/or who cares


Hey all! Man... it's been a long time and life has had a different turn for me but I'm so glad to get back and see who's still around. I was just telling a funny story about how when I first hung out with The Rev in person I got him in touch with Mike Lewis because he didn't know where to get his Falcon fixed and I just said "you don't know Dinah Gretsch, The Gretsch Discussion Pages and that Fender just is taking over and Mike Lewis is on there all the time and Saul Koll is right her in Portland. He said "no" and I told him I'd contact Mike to get it done. So I gave Mike his connection and told Mike he should give that guy a signature model. We all laughed. But then I picked up the catalog the next year and there it was. Funny how these pages become little parts of Gretsch history. How y'all? It's me. Rocketboy.


Welcome back!


I'm still a technotard though. So do you remember me because I'm not remembering your screen name and obviously I know things can or have to change in techland. LOL


Hi Syd, As far as I remember, I don't know you. Glad to hear you are back rocking'.


I wouldn't call it "Rocking" just yet but I'm getting back in the saddle and coming back here is a step toward that. LOL But I love the encouragement. If Bax is still running the joint he can fill you in. LOL


Hey Syd... not sure we've met. Been here since about 2008, give or take, and lurked a bit before that. Still- anyone who returns is always welcome back!!

Enjoy yerself!


Welcome back Syd. Can’t say I recall seeing your handle despite lurking around here for years now. How long has it been?!? Good to see a fellow Portlander on the Pages. Seems like there’s a big Philly/Jersey/DC contingent that is always getting together but the PNW is underrepresented or too diffuse. My life is generally over full with work and family but maybe one of these days we could meet up at Strum or the Landmark for honky tonk and beers!


Hey Rocketboy, great to see you back! Howzit?


Great Deke! Had some times the past several years but back on my feet and getting the itch to play again so I thought I'm come back to the best guys and gals to talk to. LOL


Welcome back Syd/Rocketboy!

I've been here for 20 years (or more) -- a couple of crashes have wiped out my start date.

Sorry to say, I don't remember your "handle" -- maybe that's because I've gotten old during the years.


I smell gold piping.


Welcome back Syd/Rocketketboy. I'm fairly new to the GDP, I've been here just a little over a year now. I'm happy to meet you Syd, and glad you found your way back!


Rocketboy is the real deal, no gold piping involved. I'm pretty sure he was active when I joined back in ‘01, along with 10ahcn, Oilcandelay, Banjoman, The Prez, Cad, et al.


Hello, Syd/Rocketboy. Nice to meet you and have you back. I've been around here since about 2011, and have enjoyed most all of it. The folks are nice and Deke speaks well of you. So, like I said, nice to meet you. Olivia Anne

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