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Registration Begins for 2016 Gretsch California Gold Rush Roundup!


The Gretsch California Gold Rush Roundup is set to begin!

When: September 9-11, 2016
Where: Camp Lodestar, 6135 Blue Mountain Road Wilseyville, California 95257

The Roundup is only about six weeks away and time for us to start making our plans. The Roundup will be three days and two nights this year beginning on Friday, September 9. We will call Camp Lodestar our home for a few days of music, food, fellowship, and fun.

With the impending date to pay Camp Lodestar for our stay, I need to begin to collect registration fees from everyone during the next few weeks as I have to complete the deposit in the coming weeks. The cost of the event, including lodging and all meals, will be $175 for the two nights. If you not able to join us until Saturday (beginning with Saturday lunch), the cost will be $95. Payment will be made via PayPal (you can send payments to Send me an email at CaliforniaRoundup(at) to let me know that you will be attending and we will get the financial arrangements completed.

And you are welcome to bring a friend who may want to learn more about what the Gretsch world is all about. Just let me know that when you are registering for the event.

Be sure to go to the Happenings page and click on the words "I Am" next to "Who's Going". Then, everyone else will see that you will be attending the event.

What to bring: Bring as many guitars as you want – we all like to ogle each other’s gear. We will probably have sufficient amps for everyone to play through, but, if you have a special amp that you want to bring for others to see, go ahead and pack it in.

The lodging is bunkhouse style with common bathrooms, so you will need to pack a sleeping bag and pillow, towel, washcloth, and toiletries, and anything else that you need to make your stay comfortable.

If you are vegetarian or have some other medically-related special dietary needs, you need to tell me that in advance rather than waiting until the Roundup. The staff needs to know this information in advance so that they can plan the menus and buy appropriate supplies.

For new attendees, our system of playing music is pretty loose. I have created a songlist section in the Happenings Section of the site for people to enter a song title and link to a video. You can use that to try to inform others of songs that you may want to play. For new attendees, however, be prepared that the music that gets played at our Roundup is pretty spontaneous and doesn’t necessarily follow the songlist selections – if someone knows a song and wants to play it, and anyone else in the group knows it, we try to do it. Parabar is a great one for knowing songs and, with his help, we can usually support most people who want to perform (unless the songs are too obscure!).

I can bring my PA again this year, but we will need some monitors. If you have some smaller powered monitors, that would be ideal. But, please indicate if you have something that we can use, and what it is, and then we can resolve those things as we get closer.

We also need rhythm players – bass players and drummers. If you have a bandmate or friend who plays bass or drums that you would like to introduce to the Roundup idea, please plan to bring him/her along. We will also need a bass rig and drums, so, if anyone is close by that can bring that equipment, that would be a big help.

Okay, so please let’s start moving forward on this as the Roundup isn’t all that far off into the future. Now is the time for us to get this organized!




I wanna come!

Lemmee check our gig schedule and get back to ya.

Can we get Jameson boy Keef to fly out from Florida ya figure? Mel? The SoCal contigent? Reno flock? Truckee-ites?


Mel Waldorf has sent me word offline that he intends to attend. In terms of our recent refugee to Florida, Bonedaddy, you know that he will always be welcome at our California Roundup. I do hope that Bigsbyslur and his gang can attend. I haven't heard yet if the Truckee-ites will be attending. I have previously understood that Sarah93003 and Hollywood Vicki will be attending and they were going to work on Hot Rod Michelle. And earlier on, giffenf suggested he would be attending.

What do you think it would take to blast neatone from his comfy San Francisco confines to attend our little soiree? And, it would be great if we could get Norm to attend and bring along copies of his new book for us to buy (with maybe one as a special prize during our swagfest, whadya say, Norm?). And '54 Country Club Mike would also be fun to have in attendance. So many who have never been to our Roundup that we would sure like to see there.

Powdog has previously told me that he will also be attending and will be bringing some of his splendid amplifiers for us to take for a test drive. So that should be a lot of fun.

Okay folks, lets announce your intentions here and please start the registration process with me.


Like Bob said, I'm in. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


If one were flying and flying Southwest, where would I get them to land?


You guys have fun! I'll have to deal with Rio de Janeiro over the Paralympic Games! ;)


Doesn't look like Southwest flies into Stockton, so probably Sacramento.


If one were flying and flying Southwest, where would I get them to land?

– Curt Wilson

Definitely Sacramento, Curt! (Although, with Southwest, it may be wherever there are lot of fire trucks, foam applicators, and ambulances! )


Yeah, just looked it up and it's a bit expensive.


Curt, you would have to drive about the same distance to the Roundup from San Francisco as from Sacramento. Just a slightly different route. Check fares flying into SFO.


Where do I register for the Delta Roundup?


Where do I register for the Delta Roundup?

– Otter

Communication Breakdown apparently.


Where do I register for the Delta Roundup?

– Otter

I think that it has been cancelled this year so that all those who normally attend will be able to travel out to the land of milk and honey to attend our California Gold Rush Roundup!

(In case it is not obvious, I am just keeding!)


I think that it has been cancelled this year so that all those who normally attend will be able to travel out to the land of milk and honey to attend our California Gold Rush Roundup!

(In case it is not obvious, I am just keeding!)

– Ric12string

Are you making that announcement? First I've heard of that.


Are you making that announcement? First I've heard of that.

– Curt Wilson

Curt, you know that it would never be my place to announce anything regarding a Roundup that I was not involved in managing. Also, see the little orange smiley face up there in my post? And then, probably at the same moment that you were posting, I went back in and edited my post to make it crystal clear that I was just keeding a little. So, no, no official announcement from me about Proteus/Nobody/Doug/Superdave's Roundup event.


So the smiling face is a passage/aggressive thing? Good to know!

I'll see what I can do but it's not looking good. That's the appeal of something in the middle of the country.


Definitely look into flights into San Francisco. They will certainly be less expensive than Sacramento.


If one were flying and flying Southwest, where would I get them to land?

– Curt Wilson

Sacramento International Airport. or SMF as we call it. Big Southwest terminal.


I don't know about distance but google maps tells me Wilseyville is about an hour longer driving from SFO than Sacramento.


Sacramento airport is the best! Drive in, drive out. No lines, no wait, no traffic. Out in the middle of nowhere, right alongside the Sacramento River. SFO is a mess, and traffic east is horrendous. No comparison.


The cost of the flight into Sacramento is substantially more than the cost to fly into San Francisco, however.

EDIT: Curt, I checked fares out of Newark into both Sacramento and San Francisco and find that the fly anytime flights are the same cost. The Wanna Get Away fare is only slightly higher into Sacramento. So, I stand corrected. All other things being equal, perhaps the best thing is to fly into Sacramento after all.


I just figured out the time it took me to get to Nashville for the CAAS and from original flight time that I missed, add 8 hrs waiting for the next flight, add 4.5 hours flying. Bloody hell thats half a day just waiting? And then I lost 2 hours in the bloody timezone!!! About 24 hrs.

So a relaxing drive in my car with my fav guitars up north seems almost tranquil in comparison. Joe Carducci said to me at the CAAS "you should come, you'll have a great time" so I guess that's it. Job done. I'm thinking a more leisurely time will fit in with me for sure.

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