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Playing for a 10K Run Tomorrow morning


(Yawn). Downbeat is at 7:30 am. I do this one every year, but it doesn't make getting up that early on a Saturday any easier. If you happen to be running in the Manhattan Beach 10K, do give a shout-out as you run by the National Guard armory, that's near where we'll be (I'll be the guy playing the Gretsch). I do have the set list together, thematically selected for the event:

And of course, the professional's secret to playing the ending of "Runnin' Down A Dream" correctly:


You shouldn't get paid unless you run along with the athaletes. You can strap the Quilter to your back to balance the guitar and power it with a solar parasol. It'll be fun.


Well I've run that race 3 times in the past, and I could probably do as you suggest, but I don't think the band, especially the drummer, could keep up.


Man! Much respect, Frank. I do good to get my 40 minutes of exercise bike and hand weights in, 3-4 times a week.

My ancient 10-speed is in the shop being refreshed, though, and I hope to get back on two wheels again soon. It's been too hot this summer for it anyway. At least for an older person. Not that I know any.


Break a leg, Frank. I've got COPD. I get winded jumping to conclusions these days. I'd love to be in a canoe or cycling---tho it's not too safe here. Have a good time at the gig!


The after Party's for that 10K are epic. Have fun buddy.


I've been playing our local "Wharf to wharf" (6K) for a few years, in various outfits: the last two with a "McQuire Sisters" type vocal trio of gals. Parking is critical, so I usually beg a ride with another player.

Watching all those people run (or mosey) by drinking water makes me want to pee, so I like if where we get our 110ac has an accessible bathroom. This year was great for that: an Architectural/Engineering office they left open (these are always on Sundays) for us.

I used to run a little in my younger (lighter) days, but now if I entered it would be the "Wharf to barf 1K."


What, no 40 miles of bad road?

What will Duane think? ;)

Sounds like a fun gig. Enjoy.


First off, I feel compelled to both appreciate the shout-outs and point out that they're unwarranted. True, I did run this race 3 times, along with a lot of other 10Ks, but that was a while ago. I've been playing this gig for maybe 6 years and don't do any running, except to the bathroom in the morning. That said, after loading in, playing, loading out, and unloading my car, my Apple Watch said I'd hit my Standing, Exercise, and Calorie Burn goals for the day by noon. Then somehow mustered the energy to go drinking and dancing at a friend's band's show in Burbank last night.

As for 10K after-parties, I guess I never got invited to any of those, I felt like getting the Finisher's t-shirt (which in this race you don't get unless you finish) was reward enough. I will say that my favorite run used to be the City of Paramount 10K, co-sponsored by the local Bud distributor, who hosted a beer garden for race finishers. It was a little odd drinking that much beer at 8:30 in the morning, getting mildly sloshed, and then stumbling to your car under the watchful eye of dozens of L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, who were there to provide security for the run. The thing to do was to go sleep it off before trying to drive home, and by the time you woke up, most of them were gone.

And Billy Zoom: that was hilarious.

Now, on to yesterday. Not the most glamorous of stages, but we had everything we needed, powered by one extension cord provided by one of the neighbors, who has been providing the extension cord every year for about 18 years:

We haven't blown a circuit breaker yet. Not a lot of attention is paid to neatness, partly because our audience is only there for about 10-15 seconds, and partly because we have to pack up and clear the street in a hurry when we're done.

Here's the gear lineup:

And, even though Manhattan Beach is a pretty safe community, I had to use some of my budget for extra security:

The MB Chief of Police, who ran the race, stopped by and said "Hello," and for the most part, we didn't suck. We'll add some new songs next year (I've received loads of suggestions). And we were packed up before the police came to yell at us about clearing the street.

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