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Planning my Balto-DC travel


I'm heading over to the US to attend the 2017 Balto-DC Roundup. I'm pretty excited about actually getting to a Roundup after watching them from a distance since they started.

I've got two weeks in country, at this time split between NYC (my partner wants to go back and I've never been) and Baltimore for the Roundup. While I know that there are a great number of things to do in NYC that will keep me busy for years, I want to get out and see some more of the area while I can.

Does anyone have any suggestions of places to go or stay, things to see, and ways to experience all that I can in my two weeks?

Thanks, Adam


Book a stay in philly. Its inbetween, cheaper and has lots to offer. History,museums,food,performing arts. Stay downtown on locust st. From there you can use subway to get where you want to be. Gayborhood,itiain market,the arts are all centered at broad and locust. Call me if you want info, worked downtown philly my whole life. Can steer you to your interests. Will pm you my number. Oh, if you stay in philly, i could probably give you a lift to the roundup as i pass through philly.


Dang I lived all over Center City in the 80s and early 90s. Seems like another life now. But it was just right for what I wanted then. Haven't been back there in 10 years, at least.


Philly. The touristy things are actually fun, and in many cases, bizarre.

Before you go into the Art Museum, you have to pose for a photo with the Rocky Statue.


Don't think twice about going to the Rodin Museum. World class, and just a short walk from the Art Museum.


The Mütter Museum is truly strange and wonderful. A collection of medical oddities, and tools used in the past will make you cringe and be curious as to what lies around the corner.


A visit to Eastern State Penitentiary might sound odd, but it's one of the biggest attractions in Philly.

From the cell where Al Capone was held for some time, to browsing the beautiful ruins. This place will haunt you.


The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, & Constitution Center are all fairly close to each other. As well as the Ben Franklin Museum, Edgar Allen Poe's house, Betsy Ross' home, etc...


Hungry? Reading Terminal Market is the place to go. Everything from Amish baked goods to Asian duck rolls. All under one roof, with all the noise that goes along with it. Bassett's ice cream!


South Street:

Not half as cool as it used to be, but still a nice walk down to Penn's Landing can be had from 6th on down to Front.

Come here for the best Pizza(Lorenzo & Sons)

The best cheesesteaks(Jim's 4th & South) - Stay away from Geno's and Pat's...Grade F meat I wouldn't feed to a starving sled dog.

Tattoo'd Mom- cool bar. There's a few fun places left on South.

Lots of shops you don't see anywhere else.

It's Philly's Piccadilly Circus.

11 forgot diniks and tony lukes...aaaaa ooh you gots ta gets a roast pork wit brocli rob and provelone yo


Adsy81, on your way down to Balto from NYC why not stop by the Poconos? We would be more than happy to give you a home cooked meal.

13 forgot diniks and tony lukes...aaaaa ooh you gots ta gets a roast pork wit brocli rob and provelone yo

– munman

Dinic's is in Reading Terminal.

Tony Luke's used to be, but Jim's is better.


Thanks for the responses so far guys. I'll get a chance to go through them properly tonight after work. As I said in the original post, I'm keen to see as much as I can across the NE corner in my two weeks, so keep them coming if you have anymore.


So, I've made it back home; finally! The last 28 hours have been a combination of aeroplanes, airports, Uber's, buses, and my own car. But it has been fun, and it has given me time to reminisce about my time in the US.

In two weeks, I travelled around the NE corner, and for my fist time to Captain Donald's land, I left having had enjoyed my time, and wish to go visit certain places again as well as explore the rest of the country.

The cities/towns I visited were: NYC, Niagara Falls (US side only), Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Niagara Falls was nice, though a bit cold having just left an Aussie summer. We had -8 degrees C overnight, which was crisp to say the least. I think my partner lost feeling in her feet as we did some walking in our 24 hours there. NYC was a cosmopolitan city, but I always knew it was going to be that way. We covered some ground, utilised the subway a lot (it was great for $2.75 each ride) and did the usual touristy things.

The AMTRAK service to Boston was great, and gave our legs a chance to rest for a few hours. The city has a great amount of history, and our day of looking around was definitely not enough time to see all that we could - or should - have seen. I will definitely be going back at some stage. The Freedom Trail guide we had had the unfortunate surname of Poope, and he provided a great history tour in the 1.5 hour stroll. The history knowledge of some of the young kids on the tour astounded me. Cudos to the American education system for filling their heads with that knowledge. Something Australia could learn from I think! We also saw a NHL game between the hometown Bruins, and Nashville Predators. That was a great experience.

Washington DC was enjoyable. We had a glorious two days of weather there before the rain set in on our last half day. The Arlington National Cemetery is a beautiful place, and the Changing of the Guard was a great ceremony to see. We walked the entire National Mall, visited the arty museums, bypassed a lot of the Smithsonian ones due to the lines of families (it was the weekend when we were there) waiting to get in. The Captain whizzed past us on his way back to his Command post (which is a beautiful building up close - I'm talking about the White House if you didn't know) and I probably saw him on the lawn shortly thereafter. Onwards to Baltimore we travelled.

Baltimore, you have a lot going for you, even though a lot of Americans warned us about it before we actually got there. Obviously I visited for the Balto-DC Roundup, but the Uber trips between Penn Station and our abode highlighted a great city. We stayed quite close to the location for the Roundup, and this made getting to it pretty easy. Dinner at Paul's place the night before was a great chance to meet some of the attendees early.

The day of the Roundup was a great day, and thank you to Paul for organising it. Also, to those that attended, it was great to meet you, and jam with you. I know I didn't meet everyone, but we had a great day and night. I had arranged a set of three songs in the lead up with Brian_66, and that was great fun to play. There was one Australian song in the mix by a singer-songwriter named Paul Kelly. He is the Bob Dylan equivalent, and probably should get awarded a Nobel Prize for literature for his talent. CrippledLion got a few of us (Goldilocks, BabaJoe, myself on guitar, with Marc Hempel on drums and Joe Carey on bass) together, we quickly learnt some Chuck Berry songs, and had a good jam on stage. Goldy played some great lead, and CrippledLion's vocal skill topped off the praise we all had for the late guitar great.

I was fortunate enough to have my pick drop out of the guitar to win some things, but not a guitar. That is okay as there is another side to that story, that will appear in another thread starting with the three familiar letters - NGD. We dined at the Hamilton Tavern down the road that night with some other attendees, and that topped off a great day.

Another AMTRAK ride back to NYC, with a 6 hour stopover in Philadelphia. It was the recommendations from this thread that made us stop there; otherwise, we probably would have bypassed it. We started in the Mutter Museum, which is a fascinating place. My partner lasted about 5 metres on the top level, before she spent the remainder of her entry fee sitting in the foyer feeling a tad queasy. But she wasn't the only one, so that was okay. We then headed to the Art Museum, but couldn't be fagged paying the entry fee, so had the obligatory Rocky moment before heading through a Greek festival for the Eastern State Penitentiary. Due to getting there late in the day, our time was only short. But we did the main audio tour and both thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a great amount of history in that place, and we both walked away glad that we visited.

Back to NYC we headed, with only one thing still on my mind - I had to visit Rocky at StreetSounds NYC before flying out Mon night. I had had a brief chat with him at the Roundup on the weekend, but I wanted to see his store. Let me say it is a ripper store, with so many great guitars to choose from. The only problem was which one to choose to play, and possibly take home. That's for another thread --> here.

So, in closing, thanks for the suggestions on things to see and do. While we didn't get to have dinner with UG, I did hear on the grapevine at the Roundup that good things might have been happening for you - my fingers are crossed for you mate!

Until next time, when I make the trip across the Pacific ...


You accomplished a lot on your trip. I hope you both come back again.


Sounds like a great vacation(except for the Mutter...guess it's not for everyone)!


Until next time, when I make the trip across the Pacific ... -- Adsy81

At which time you will be coming to California, right? Our Roundup is in autumn, a great time to visit the States.


That's a possibility, Ric. I'm yet to do that coast ...


Adsy81, it is a great left coast. Absolutely fantastic left coast. Perhaps the best left coast in the world. Anything else which you might hear about it is just #fakenews. All other coasts are a disaster. This one is the best. And it is going to get even better, trust me on that.


Was super great to meet you two! Nextbtime, more time in pa! Welcome on my farm anytime. Im northeast of grumpville


It was so great to finally meet you, Adam! Your participation in the weekend activities was more important than you'll ever know. Joanna was a pure delight, and I am so very glad she accompanied you.

I thank you for the kind words about my city. We're working hard to make it better!

Don't listen to Ric12string about California. It's about to crumble into the Pacific. Much more deadly than Baltimore. When you come back to the States, come back here.

No... wait, I'll make a deal with you. If you come back next year and go to the NorCal Roundup, I'll go, too. That way you won't be stuck with nothing but strangers around you.



Adsy81, it is a great left coast. Absolutely fantastic left coast. Perhaps the best left coast in the world. Anything else which you might hear about it is just #fakenews. All other coasts are a disaster. This one is the best. And it is going to get even better, trust me on that.

– Ric12string

Good job on the "tweet" Bob.

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